There are 5 best ABS workouts that you can try and the odds are incredible in the sense that they are likely to work out for you.

1 Crunches
Crunches is for sure one of the best abs exercises there is out there. This is how it works; you are expected to lie on the ground, secondly, place your fingertips behind your ears to avoid using your arms. You then can opt to do this exercise with your knees up or you can also have your feet on the ground where the focus is on the lower abdominal. It is important that when you are contracting, your focus should be at a point on the ceiling while you pull your eyes toward that point. The importance of this is that the movement only gets to use the abdominal muscle.

2. Supinated Bicycle.
This type of abs exercise works pretty nice for a flat stomach. The fingertips are expected to be behind the ears, with the knees up. You then should try and touch the right elbow on your right, then shift to your left knee while you extend the right knee. Using an alternate movement right to left knee, count 1each time your elbow touches your knee. Repeat the process for at least 10 alternating rounds.

3. Leg Pull-In.
This abs exercise mostly involves your back where; you tuck your arms straight under your lower back, ensure that your palms are placed flat on the ground. Have your heels 6 inches off from the ground. Your knees should then be lifted very close to your chest. Lastly, extend your back to its original 6 inches position. You should not allow your heels to touch the floor. Make a count of 10 for the leg pull-in exercise.

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4. Abs Pull-Downs
This is one of the few abs exercises that involve weights. It involves kneeling down on lat pull-down machines, the cable being above your head. You then have to tilt your torso at least 45 degrees with your grips being right above your head. You are usually free to use your arms at times but the focus should be on the abdominal.

5. Ab Wheel
This equipment provides fine exercise for flat abs. The wheel has handles through the axle. You are expected to be on your knees as you grip the handles that are in front of you. Then you are supposed to use the wheel to try and extend your body while you keep your back straight, as you contract it back to a kneeling position. You can do this for at least 10 times.

Above 5 best ABS workouts give fine results, if you’re committed to achieving your goal, ensure that your lifestyle in terms of what you eat supports your abs exercises to achieve better results.

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