Abs are Made in the Kitchen, not the Gym! Best Sixpack Tips

Abs are Made in the Kitchen, not the Gym! Best Sixpack Tips

Believe it or not you already have abs. But you can not see them because they are obscured by a layer of fat. If you want your abs to become visible and sexy then you need to eliminate fat over them and to tone muscles trapped underneath.

What causes the collection of belly fat?
Lack of sleep
Sugar and bad fats
Lack of physical activity
Processed food

4 elements to reduce adipose tissue

1. Your diet
– Reduce the bad fat and stick to foods rich in good fats like olive oil, nuts, fish and flaxseed.
– Drink alcohol in moderation.
– Watch the calories you intake.
– Increase your daily intake of protein. Protein should account for at least 30% of the daily calorie intake.
– Avoid high in sugar foods and processed and fried foods.

2. Do more cardio exercises
– Running at a speed of 12k / h can speed up metabolism by 13.5 times.
– cycling for 90 minutes medium speed can burn about 1000 calories.
– Jumping rope for losing 11 calories per minute.
– With high-intensity training you can burn 50% more fat than when you exercise at a moderate pace.

3. Sleep enough
– Insufficient sleep leads to overeating.
– Chronic lack of sleep causes a decrease in performance of the metabolism of 30-40%.
– Aim to 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

4. Do exercises for abs
– Do different types of exercises and combinations of sliding Pilates ball, abs by lifting the torso, sliding on Roller, maintenance skyward with raised legs and similar exercises designed for this group of muscles.
– If the percentage of fat in your body is greater than 25% then do more cardio exercises than strictly exercises covering the abdominal group of muscles.

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