How to Get the Best Physique

How to Get the Best Physique

1) Working out too much:
Everyone trying to get the best physique or dream body that they want think that the best way to get it is simply just by exercising as much as possible. Let’s face it, if it was that easy, any male or female could be in the best shape of their life in a week. The correct overlooked way is to let your muscles rest after a workout. For example, if you work out a certain muscle group two days in a row without rest then they are not getting enough time to develop, and you will actually lose muscle. Yes, you can lose muscle and many people succumb to this by not letting the targeted muscle group rest.

2) Depending on supplements:
Don’t get me wrong, supplements can be a key component when trying to get a ripped body, but if you’re at the local store everyday of the week trying to find the best supplement then let me be the first person to tell you to stop. It is a mistake that the average strength trainer makes. The true results come from the workout itself and not the enhancements. Stay away from the pills and powders, and focus more on your workouts and diets. Which leads to my next point about diets and different foods.

3) Improper dieting:
If you want the best muscular physique you can possibly get then you’re going to need a proper diet. It’s not all about getting the biggest piece of meat you can eat,and feel relieved once you have a decent amount of protein in your body. Fruits, vegetables, and even foods high in carbs are just as essential. Remember, variety is the spice of life and in this case, it’s one of the biggest factors in having a great body.

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4) Going for muscle mass:
Too many people looking to get a good physique think they should be lifting the heaviest weights they have and building muscle mass. What they don’t realize is that by doing so, they are actually working towards the bulky look that many body builders have. The hard truth is that you have to use lighter weight and do more reps to get lean muscles. Those are the muscles that give you the attractive look you’re going for and the body people will envy.

5) Not slimming down:
Anyone looking to put on muscle and get the best body need to build muscle as well as lose fat. If you try to gain muscle while having excess fat, you’re only going to get stretch marks and look burly. You’re reading this because you want an amazing body, not to be the biggest looking male or female on the planet. In order to do so, you need to slim down. This is much easier than building muscle believe it or not. Different ways to lose that gut and work towards a six-pack is to jog, swim, do cardiovascular workouts, and most of all, just be active.

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