Female Bodybuilding Nutrition Tips

Female Bodybuilding Nutrition Tips

I wanted to share a little about female bodybuilding nutrition. This is fundamentally the most important place to focus your energy. If you’re not eating the proper foods at the proper times than you’re not going to put on muscle. Bodybuilding is hard enough for women; therefore we need to focus more on our diets.

Tip 1: Increasingly eating protein more often will leave your body with a constant flow of protein to repair muscles. Typically after a 2-4hr period, protein has completely left the system; therefore eating protein every 2-3hrs will leave your body with enough protein to repair muscle tissue consistently all day long.

Tip 2: Don’t eat food that is high in carbohydrates and dietary fat. Stay away from this combination of food. High carbs and high fat are a big NO! These include things like French fries from McDonalds or some sweet and sugary dessert.

Tip 3: Before bed, eat high fat and protein food. Well, if you’re not aware, dietary fat is a very slow process for digesting. When you’re going to bed, you’ll probably sleep 8hrs, so you need the protein to last all night. The high fat and protein mix will allow your digestion to slow enough to keep your muscles to have enough nutrition to last the entire night.
These are probably the most important female bodybuilding nutrition tips. Applying just these three will greatly increase your success as a bodybuilder. Remember, that you do need to workout at the gym, but these will make your results from the gym go through the roof.

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