Burn 100 Calories In Just 4 Minutes!

Burn 100 Calories In Just 4 Minutes!

It might seem as if you need to do intense and along workouts so you can have your abs ready for summer but really, all you need is a few extra minutes a day to sculpt your upper body. Pick up a set of moderate heavy dumbbells and set your timer for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest for a total of four minutes. If you still have time after repeat the circuit.

American Fitness Coach Jim Sarete created this method of burning calories quickly for people who just don’t have the time.

He believes that traditional exercises are ineffective, like running for example only allows you to lose 150 calories per hour. This method will allow you to burn 100 calories in 4 minutes.

“If you think you are in good physical condition, you can even choose to limit yourself to only 2 minutes. And you can do it four minutes of exercise every day, “advises Sarete.

These exercises were given to people who live inactive lifestyles and who tend to tired quickly in the gym. Its best to start these exercise with someone else to stay motivated.

This exercise program that can help you lose 100 calories in just a few minutes, consists of:

1.Jumping Jacks
Work up to 4 repetitions.

Perform 20reps

Repeatedly up to 10 pushups. If you’re having a hard time you can do them against the wall not the floor.

Do 30 repetitions on each leg.

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