10 Muscle Myths !

10 Muscle Myths

You can turn fat to muscle
No you cannot. What you can however do is to build muscle tissue (increasing muscle mass) and reduce body fat. This will give the illusion of turning fat into muscle.

The body can only absorb 20g of protein per sitting
No. Protein absorption very much depends on the individual and factors such as size, digestive system efficiency, previous eating history and general diet. Some people can absorb a lot more than 20g of protein per sitting.

The more you train, the bigger you will get
Absolutely not. Training too much can make you go backwards in your progress and actually make you smaller! If you don’t give your body sufficient rest, your training can have a negative effect on overall muscle growth.

You don’t need to train legs if you want to just have a good upper body
Training your legs hard and heavy can add as much as 20% to your overall muscle growth – which includes upper body. Never neglect leg training for an overall impressive physique – you should do squats once a week to improve your overall muscle mass.

You can only get “monster big” by using illegal drugs
This is true to a certain extent. That huge “cattle-like” look can only come from using illegal performance enhancers. However you can get a relatively decent “huge” body with supplements.

You have to do lots of sit-ups to get those shredded abs and six pack
No! You can have an amazing six pack by doing just 2 sets of 30 reps of crunches or sit-ups per week! The most important thing you can do for a six pack is reduce your body fat. It is only by having very low body fat levels that you can see your abs and six pack.

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It takes years to build a big body
No! A big muscular body can be built in as little as 2 months. Muscle maturity and that “trained” look can take longer but you can most definitely get a big body in 2 months.

Stress levels don’t affect muscle gains
Wrong! Stress directly and definitely affects muscle gains. Stress destroys muscle tissue and triggers the body to store fat. The more stressed you are, the less muscle you will build.

Cannabis smoking doesn’t affect muscle growth
Wrong again! Cannabis is an estrogen promoter. Smoking cannabis will severely halt your muscle gains and can contribute to storage of body fat.

Alcohol does not affect muscle mass
Wrong! Alcohol reduces muscle mass and makes it a lot harder to build muscle tissue. Alcohol promotes estrogen production and triggers the body to store fat. Alcohol directly stops the production of male hormone and keeps you back from building a decent muscular body. For some people, even a little alcohol can set them back weeks.

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