V-Form Back

V-Form Back Workout

That V look !! Nothing is more impressive than being able to bang out 30 pull ups in a row or finishing a set of 10 with 90 lbs hanging from a belt. Nothing LOOKS more impressive than being able to hit an impressive front or rear lat spread with confidence. Furthermore, how many women do you know who can finish a set of 10 pull ups? Trust me, there aren’t many. The reality is that we can accomplish all of these things with intense free weight back training. Your back muscles comprise the second largest set of muscles, after the legs. Therefore, putting some serious effort into training your back will pay off huge dividends whether you are looking to burn a large number of calories, better fill out your shirts, condition your body for functional strength, or even to fix your posture from focusing too long on chest training. Strong back muscles will allow you to: Pick up anything heavy off the floor or ground, working in unison with the legs. Burn nearly as many calories as you would when training legs. Move your body more easily through space, specifically when pulling yourself up. Protect yourself from muscle imbalances that occur from overtraining the chest. Row a boat faster than any of your punk friends.

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