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Training should be comprehensive. It should be constructed so that you could add myofibrillar hypertrophy to the different mechanisms of effects on the muscles. Have you not forgotten, dear reader, what is myofibrils?

There is not enough only a lowrepeated mode of muscle contractions. In continuation of the set-time the residence of muscle cells under stress should vary quite significantly from 20 to 120 seconds. By working in a wide range of reps, you stimulate myofibrillar hypertrophy (mainly in fastreducing muscle fibers), as well as sarcoplasmic and mitochondrial hypertrophy (in all types of fibers). So you can gain a maximal muscle growth, although the increase in power rates will be slightly lower than those achieved during lowrepeated modes of muscle contraction.

In practice, it should look like this: in your training you are using a whole arsenal of effective exercises, doing from 4 to 30 repetitions. This may be different versions of the pyramids and halfpiramids, as well as the use of a certain number of repetitions at different workouts, or in different microcycle. Of course, to give more accurate recommendations to suit everyone, it is simply impossible. The development of such programs is “piecework” that requires a compulsory registration of all the anatomical, functional and domestic factors. But it is just the tip of the iceberg.

For the extreme development of muscle mass, or exactly, to draw up a training program, you need to know the microscopic structure of muscle tissues. We should imagine what subcellular elements occupy the largest amount, to understand to what extent they are able to hypertrophy, as well as you should be confirmed by practice in specific methods of development of hypertrophy of these subcellular elements, resulting a muscle growth andan increase in general.

You should also take into consideration the integrity of the human body as a bio-system and the impossibility of absolute specification of techniques and training methods. This means that the muscle fiber works as a whole, and the specificity of training effects on these or other subcellular structures is relative. We can only speak of the preferential involvement of any structures in this mode of muscular work. By itself, this fact has a positive role: training one, we simultaneously develop another. Besides, it does not allow to throw away and provides an opportunity to focus on the most important.

Let me remind you what we have talked about above, and I`ll increase our knowledge of the muscles.

The bulk of subcellular elements of the sarcomere (muscle cells) occupy the myofibrils, mitochondria and sarcoplasm – about 20 to about 30% of each sarcomere. Glycogen stores are 3-4%, roughly the same take intramuscular triglycerides.

Up to 15% of all the muscle amount is accounted foranintramuscular interfiber capillary network, and another 6-8% for the connecting frame of muscle tissue.

We are interested in methods of hypertrophy of thefibrillar and mitochondrial apparatus and an increase of sarcoplasm. What overcellular and subcellular structures will be developing simultaneously with the application of the proposed methods, we will also determine.

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So, you should be aimed at the development of maximum hypertrophy fibrillary and mitochondrial apparatus during the first phase of training. The most effective model for the moment, which is experimentally verified, looks like as follows.

Taking into consideration the very tough and hard work virtually in basic exercises, the split is made by dividing the body into four parts. The break between workouts is two days. The maximum number of exercises for one train takes 6, the maximum number of sets to the major muscle groups is 4-5, for small 3-4. Of course, it is only about the working sets, you should do them until muscular failure.

Perhaps the principle of forced reps is used at each second or third training of specific muscle groups. For maximal hypertrophy of myofibrillar apparatus is used a work with superheavy weights of 4-7 reps x 1-2 sets of basic exercises. The number of exercises for major muscle groups is 2-3, for small 1-2.

The negative phase of the movement takes about 1-2 seconds at one hundred percent control of lowering the shell. After a pause at the bottom, an overcoming phase lasts 3 seconds and is committed to fully extended in the working joints.

For the extreme development of the mitochondrial apparatus is commonly used one heavy exercise in two working sets. But the mode of exercise should have the following conditions: a) the voltage developed by the muscle group,does not interrupted even for a second, and b) neccessity of reducing peak in 2 seconds at the point of maximal reduction of muscle group. Worked muscle group should be maximal ischemic, which is achieved by doing slow reps in the set.

Overcoming phase during one repetition should not take less than 4 seconds, but avoiding the development of reflex-hypertensive syndrome should not exceed 10 seconds. Negative (avoiding) phase takes 4-5 seconds. Total time for a set is 45 seconds per muscle group with a predominance of “white” muscle fibers, and 120 seconds per muscle group with a predominance of “red” muscle fibers. If the prevalence of some types of muscle fibers can not be identified, the optimal run-time for a set will be 60-90 seconds.

Severe hypertrophy of the mitochondria, achieved in conditions of severe hypoxia, provides a huge gain in muscle mass and strength, providing an increased number of muscle energy (ATP) at the training and generously providing a muscle growth during the rest, only manage to throw a plastic and energy material! Use a diet for this particular, which we have reviewed in Part II.

The adaptive ability of the body reaches its peak after three weeks of work in this mode as the use of nutritsional (that is, on food intake) program and the implementation of training objectives. The continued existence in the constant increaseof the intensity effects on the digestive and neuro-muscular system can lead to an overstretching of adaptive systems of the body and even to the disruption of adaptation.

In addition, after three weeks of extra heavy work begins to suffer the trophic of muscle tissue, and a delivery of nutrients may be reduced.

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Although, we paid no attention to another important component of the sarcomere – sarcoplasm. So for ten days, for which also are accounted some dietary changes, we change the training regime.

Our new split now divides the body into two parts. Trainings are held every other day. We do on the large muscle groups 6 sets, on small – 4. The number of repetitions- 20-30, working weights are 70-80% of the maximal weight you can lift 10 times.

This type of training helps to increase the maximal sarcoplasm, the accumulation of glycogen and intramuscular triglycerides, and has a very positive effect on the trophic muscle, contributing to the discovery of a huge number of reserve capillaries. After this, the whole cycle is repeated many times as necessary.

Training methods, traditionally used in bodybuilding, typically leads to hypertrophy of individual subcellular structures sarcomere. Generously spiced with pharmacological stimulants of protein synthesis, these techniques lead to a sharp, highly skewed unphysiological imbalance in the microstructure of the muscle spindle, so that even the simple retention of muscle mass is an extremely difficult task. Not talking about progress!

In today’s “pro” this imbalance is reflected in a significant shift in the direction of either fibrillar or sarcoplasm ™-Ceska hypertrophy. On biopsy, the proportion of myofibrillar or sarcoplasmic reaches 50-60% in them.

With the help of mathematical methods of forecasting, it was calculated that the complex method of influence on the muscle structure allows bodybuilders to achieve a 50% increase of the existing muscle mass. The probability of the forecast is 87%.

However, such a high percentage of “hits” is possible only if all components of success: an appropriate lifestyle, training modes, adequate recovery, and dietary practices. It is unlikely that all this can be done at an amateur level, where a man is busy with something else besides training and caring for a championship appearance. But you can still try and an experience of many athletes shows that outlined technique is one of the most promising at the moment.

And what about the steroid users? We can assume they are using the outlined technique plus steroids. Very often they are faced with the phenomenon, which among amateurs of strength training is called “steroid plateau.” This refers to the onset of resistance (insensitivity) to the use of drugs, which can not be corrected even with an ncreasing dose.

The causes of athletes’ output to steroid plateau” does not have pharmacological, physiological or biochemical, and organizational and methodical nature. One reason is the lack of energy, plastic and vitamin and mineral material, that is a wrong organized nutrition with the increased capacity of the organism as a result of steroid use. As a result, these possibilities are not used, or are not implemented in full.

You see, dear reader? If they are not taking steroids, it will be very difficult for a bodybuilder to find adequate for his body training routine, diet, and a necessary recovery mode, in case of steroid use, the system becomes almost unmanageable.

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What analogy can we lead here? Imagine that you go on a very narrow plank across the chasm. Somehow you have adapted to the height, you almost do not feel dizzy, you keep the balance. And if you sit a person of your weight on the shoulders or even heavier? It will be much harder for you to keep a balance, and a plank will vibrate more than ever before.

And there is another annoying trait in the anabolic steroids , it is difficult to get out of them. No less difficult than of smoking or drinking alcohol. By the way, quite often people who “tied up” with steroids, start using drugs. The reason? Depression, which almost always accompanies a wean from steroids.

And not only the cessation of steroid use can lead to addiction, but also the reception of these hormones can cause a serious drug addiction.

To such conclusion came the experts of the State University of New Jersey and Massachusetts. The object of their observations are 227 ex- athletes and bodybuilders. 21 of them (10%) in the past got used to the anabolic or androgenic steroids.

When they are asked what prompted the get to “serious” drugs, the participants of the research answered the same way. In 90% of cases the cause was excessive irritability and insomnia – a standard side effects of steroids.

So there is another reason to exclude pharmaceutical support from the “set of tools for success.”

I guess that’s enough of “horror stories”? Ah, if indeed ” horror stories.” Alas, these are the real facts. Those facts, about what people are deliberately silent, disseminating and promoting the AU. Those facts, about what athletes don`t know and have been succumbed to the propaganda. There are a lot of theoretical information and practical examples in order the “chemists” finally stopped harping about the “baseless antisteroid hysteria.” Many reputable scientists have devoted years of their lives to studying these issues and have objective scientific data.

Now you can on the other hand look at those who offer you the AU. Do they still seem honest and respectable people? Forget about fairness when you are talking about money, their money. Think whether is it worth to have a short-term effect spoiled instead of being healthy? I think not.

But what is a solution from this situation?

The solution is in the natural training.

Here, the reader, we get to the end of this book. Nothing is missed? Of course, we have lost. There are so many information about bodybuilding, many Internet sites is devoted to it, an ocean of information occurs almost every day.

But you should clearly define a policy in this ocean. The reefs of harmful prejudices, “Bermuda Triangle” is a dangerous delusion, treacherous currents of attractive offers of the ‘miracle’ drugs, the storms of disbelief in myself, I hope, a kind of sailing directions in the form of this book will help you successfully overcome all this.

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