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Fast training pace will keep the body warmed during the workout, you will not be at risk of injury and will support the increased blood flow to the muscles, so you’ll get bigger and stronger.
Another aspect of the training pace is how quickly you pick up and drop the weights.As a rule, doing exercise, such as with a barbell, it is necessary to spend 2-3 seconds on lifting and 4 seconds on the lowering of the shell.
Why is it important to train at this pace? Performing the exercise slowly and evenly, you would produce training “rut.” Getting used to control the movements, you become able to focus and just load those muscles that you train. This will help to prevent injuries and to develop a large, powerful muscle fibers, which by means of concentration will use to the intensive work.
As soon as you have learnt the proper technique of exercise, you can try to train at a faster pace.Prior to that, it is not recommended to do too quickly so as not to lose control of movements, sacrificing the correct style of exercise doing, and not hurt yourself. ”
What do I need to pay attention here on? You have just guessed, on holiday. That is, the pause between the two sets should not be more than 90 seconds (1.5 minutes).Later we`ll find out that many athletes keep to a strict regime of work.
Here are the memories of how in 1970, famous holder of the title “Mr. Olympia” – Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived at the training center of the famous Arthur Jones:

“Schwarzenegger has published several months later in Joe Weider`s magazine  « Muscle Builder / Power »article titled” Arnold intrudes into the torture chamber of Casey Vayjator. ”

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“Vayjator (Viator) is a monster of the strength training. I had never seen such a frantic, almost self-destructive work in my life. Vayjator fights with iron. He cripples the equipment and brings himself into hysterics. One day somebody will have to drag him out of the gym in a straight shirt (I`m not joking). His main training principle is based on the forced reps, but in such a manner well-known bodybuilder. I mean the forced repetition after the last normal repetition was squeezed to the limit. He does it until the observer starts to feel sick of fear.
He switches from one exercise to another and passes from one device to another faster than you can take notes. He is doing hardly each sery until the muscles refuse to fall at least for a moment. He brings each body part to the temporary paralysis. This superior quality is reinforced with such a mad enthusiasm, which has not yet reached any bodybuilder. If I had to train every day in this manner, I would have referred to the hernia, returned to Austria and became an instructor in Alpine skiing. ”
Well, about a ski instructor Arnie has lied, but still no one can compete in training intensity with Vayjator.

“Most of my workouts have been on all the body. I started with the big leg muscles and ended usually with small muscles of the arms and calves. Workouts took place at a rapid pace, and you have to get used to this rhythm. Most people could easily lose consciousness at this workout. This is all due to oxygen when the heart pumps all the blood to the muscles, oxygen demand increases. Oxygenated blood brings to dizziness, nausea, and if the training intensity is high, then you lose consciousness.
About after a month endurance improves, and then you can easily maintain a high workout tempo. If your pulse quickens up too high, it is necessary to take a break or stop the workout. We have buckets during the training, just in case if someone is throwing up. ”
So Vayjator said in one of his interviews. He looked great.

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In general, persuaded splitters ate cakes at night, in this case they are resting. It is necessary to work, gentlemen and comrades, to work! If you started talking about Vayjator, we`ll do digress …
“Vayjator continued to train, but in 1973 brought a tragic change in his life. In January 1973, he weighed 91 kg. Casey Viator worked at night at the factory for the wire manufacture .
As a result of injury, he lost a part of the little finger of his right hand, he nearly died from an allergic reaction because of a vaccine against tetanus a few days later.
The next three and a half months he was depressed, felt sick and did not train. His muscles have atrophied, and he lost 15 kg of weight (remember that the weight of the competition in 1971 was 99 kg with height 172 cm). Before starting the experiment at the end of April 1973, his weight had been only 75.6 kg.

Jones understood that Casey should go back to the trainings, and the sooner the better. He put aside his plans and began working with Vayjator. It was a new stage to test his new method.
Jones has sent the latest models of his simulators at the University of Colorado in Fort Collins, where they were gathered at the Physiological Laboratory , and then flew back there with Vayjator.
The experiment had to be lasting from 1 to May 29, 1973, Dr. E. Plez watched the progress of training. Jones, of course, believed that muscle growth is associated with the exercise intensity. If the intensity is high enough, a large amount of training is not necessary or desirable.
Jones was going to train Vayyatora on tight, but the short program: a series up to the failure in each of t 12 (or less) exercises, workout sessions every other day.
As a result, Vayjator`s body weight increased from 166.87 (75.6 kg) to 212.15 pounds (96.2 kg), so that the overall growth rate was 45.28 pounds (20.6 kg). A detailed analysis (using the method of calculation of potassium – 40, which at that time was the most advanced) showed that Vayjator actually boosted considerably more muscle than indicated a change in his weight. For 28 days he lost 17.93 pounds(8.13 kg) of fat, percentage of body fat decreased from 13.8 to 2.47%. This meant that he had actually grown 63.21 pounds (28.7 kg!) muscles … only for 28 days. ”

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Yeah, the reader will tell, but Vayjator has consumed a lot of steroids! What makes you think so? That’s what is writen on websites:
“Vayjator did not gain weight, he only restored it. And this, as you know, “two big differences.” No, a few pounds for less than a month Casey was able to take, but not so much …
It is rumoring that Jones did not like anabolic steroids, and is was forbidden to use them by Casey Vayjator during the “Detroit Experiment”. ”
We`ll make bookmark on the term HIT (High-Intensity Training) – high-intensity training or HIT. This method of strength training was developed by Arthur Jones. We`ll analyze it later.

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