Top Exercises to Get Big and Strong Shoulders

Top Exercises to Get Big and Strong Shoulders

If you want to look strong as a stone, you have to build not only a massive back, but also to increase the size of your shoulders. But the main problem is that many beginners start training their shoulders too much, being obsessed about it. They perform too many moves and they are stupid in choosing exercises. As a result, they don’t pay attention to balancing of exercises. They get injuries, and they don’t achieve the initial aims.

To get big and strong shoulders, warm up your shoulders by performing usual barbell shrugs. It’s a mass-building exercise, which will help to develop your traps and shoulders.

Shoulder press will be a great workout to develop the strength of your shoulder muscles. There are few variations you can perform such as the front barbell press, behind the neck barbell press and Arnold dumbbell press.

You can also perform Back flyes with bands.

1. Run a band around a stationary post like that of a squat rack.

2. Grab the band by the handles and stand back so that the tension in the band rises.

3. Extend and lift the arms straight in front of you. Tip: Your arms should be straight and parallel to the floor while perpendicular to your torso. Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor spread at shoulder width. This will be your starting position.

4. As you exhale, move your arms to the sides and back. Keep your arms extended and parallel to the floor. Continue the movement, until the arms are extended to your sides.

5. After a pause, go back to the original position as you inhale.

6. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

And don’t forget to do Circus bell to get the additional strength.

1. The circus bell is an oversized dumbbell with a thick handle. Begin with the dumbbell between your feet, and grip the handle with both hands.

2. Clean the dumbbell by extending through your hips and knees to deliver the implement to the desired shoulder, letting go with the extra hand.

3. Ensure that you get one of the dumbbell heads behind the shoulder to keep from being thrown off balance. To raise it overhead, dip by flexing the knees, and the drive upwards as you extend the dumbbell overhead, leaning slightly away from it as you do so.

4. Carefully guide the bell back to the floor, keeping it under control as much as possible. It is best to perform this event on a thick rubber mat to prevent damage to the floor.

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