Top 5 Training Tips for Building Muscle

Top 5 Training Tips for Building Muscle

As the temperatures drop and the days are becoming shorter, the hours we spend at the gym are growing longer. This is the season when all bodybuilders are busy creating training programs that will bring them the best gains, and more often than not, they get entangled into the infinite variety of workouts to choose from. But we’re here to make it all easier for you!

Want to know how to be as effective as you possibly can while pumping iron in the gym?

Follow these 5 simple tips derived from the knowledge of expert coaches and pro bodybuilders and you’ll be on the right path to success!

#1. How Much Weight and How Many Reps Is Best for Building Muscle?

A large number of studies have shown that a weight you can lift a maximum of 12 times produces the greatest gains in muscle size. This should be equivalent to 60-80% of your 1RM. So the thing is not to focus on lifting as heavy as you can, it’s about combining heavy weights and high reps in the most favorable way. High-rep training is an excellent means of increasing your muscular endurance, while a powerlifting approach that consists of very heavy weights with low reps is better for strength gains.

#2. How Many Sets Per Exercise Are Right for You?

So what is the optimal number of sets? It really depends on your fitness level. Before creating your routine, be honest with yourself and think about where you are on the fitness spectrum, then define reachable, practical goals for yourself. Beginners should aim for 2-3 sets with higher number of reps, while advanced athletes are more likely to achieve outstanding results with multiple set training (4-5 or more sets).

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#3. How Long Should I Rest Between Sets?

A general rule of thumb is that you should rest between 90 seconds and 3 minutes between individual sets. This has been also confirmed by science! In addition, it’s useful to know that 3-5 minutes rest periods are usually recommended for bodybuilders who want to get stronger faster, while the best rest period for growing bigger quicker is 1-2 minutes between sets.

#4. How Many Times a Week Should You Do Strength Training?

You should give your targeted muscles at least 48 hours of recovery between workouts. For beginners, two strength training sessions a week is enough, while more advanced strength trainers can work out three to four times a week. To achieve max results, we recommend split training – divide your workout into upper and lower body or push and pull exercises.

#5. How Many Weeks Do You Need to Work Out to See Visible Results?

This is really important: your training periods should last between eight and twelve weeks. This is just enough time to notice great improvements in mass and strength due to the improved intra- and inter-muscular coordination which allows you to squeeze the most benefits from each exercise. After each training block allow yourself a couple of weeks of rest to completely reset the body and prepare it for another cycle of reaping gains.

Stay consistent and keep working hard and you’ll get visible results in no time! Good luck!

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