Top 5 Best Tricep Exercises


Welcome to our Best Tricep Exercise list!
5. Skull Crushers (AKA French Press, AKA Lying Triceps Extensions): There are dozens of Triceps Extensions variations, but none of them are as beneficial as Skull Crushers. With Skull Crushers, you can work up to a fairly heavy amount of weight using a barbell or an EZ Curl bar and can isolate the triceps more effectively than with most other isolation tricep exercises.

Tips: Make sure to concentrate on moving the weight with your triceps and keep your elbows in a fixed position throughout the exercise.



4. Tricep Pushups: Tricep Pushups or Diamond Pushups are a great exercise that works your triceps as well as your pecs and deltoids. Pressing off of the ground explosively and clapping at the top of the exercise or adding resistance with a weight plate on your back help you build power and increase your bench press.

Tips: Make sure to keep your elbows in close to your torso throughout the exercise.


3. JM Press: This tricep exercise is somewhat of a cross between Skull Crushers and the Close Grip Bench Press. The JM Press is a must for increasing your bench press and sculpting or building big arms as it allows you to pack on a ton of weight and hits your triceps with a different motion than most other Tricep Exercises.

How to Perform this Tricep Exercise: Like Skull Crushers and the Close Grip Bench Press, during the JM Press you’ll be using a barbell on a bench. As you lower the weight, your elbows should travel forward so that at the bottom of the exercise they are forward of the wrists as they are during Skull Crushers. At the bottom of the exercise you’ll pause for a moment then push the bar in a vertical path to return to the starting position.

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2. Tricep Dips: Tricep Dips are one of the classic Compound Exercises that primarily targets your triceps. Not only that, Tricep Dips also hit your deltoids, lats, and upper back and are a complete upper body blaster.

During Tricep Dips you’ll be pressing at least your body weight, which is much more beneficial than any triceps extensions or tricep kickbacks, which only utilize a light dumbbell.

Tips: Hold a dumbbell between your feet or a weight plate on a dipping belt for additional resistance.

tricep-dips-2-2      tricep-dips-2-1

1 Close Grip Bench Press: Here it is, the King of All Tricep Exercises, the Best Tricep Exercise the Close Grip Bench Press. The Close Grip Bench Press allows you to much more weight than any other tricep exercise, aside from maybe #2, Tricep Dips. Doing so will put maximum stress on the triceps and secondarily work your chest and deltoids. Also like Tricep Dips, this Tricep Exercise is also a compound exercise that targets not only your triceps but also your chest and deltoids.

Tips: Set up like normal bench press grip the bar with a narrow (about 6 inches apart) grip. During the exercise make sure to keep your elbows in close to your sides.


narrow-grip-bench-press-1 lying-triceps-press-1

Well, there you have it: all of the best tricep exercises for gaining muscle mass and losing body fat!

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