The Last Article You Need to Read About Bulking Up

The Last Article You Need to Read About Bulking Up

“Lift heavier weights with lower reps”
“Drink protein shakes especially right before you sleep”
“Eat whatever you want to pack on the mass”

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one of these things if you’ve ever asked others how to build muscle mass fast. There are loads of men (and even some women!) out there that would love to strip fat and bulk up. However, there are many things you need to know about lean bulking so that you can shred any body fat that you don’t want, stimulate muscle cells and get big muscles fast.

The food that you eat will have a massive impact on how much you bulk up and how quickly. First of all, if you are a hard gainer (someone who struggles to put on weight) then you need to be prepared for a bit of an intense onslaught of food – if you are serious about bulking up then you will have to eat big to get big and you need to be ready for the amounts you are about to eat.

First, you need to find a weight gain diet that suits you. This generally means cutting out ‘bad’ foods and sticking to a bulking diet that is nutrient rich and gives you enough energy to complete your workout. You will need to avoid foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar such as:

– pastries
– muffins
– cookies
– cakes
– processed meats

In terms of fat, your bulking up diet plan will allow you to eat some, as fat is an essential part of a balanced meal plan, so eating some unsaturated fats such as the following are allowed:

– salmon
– avocados
– almonds
– peanut butter
– olive oil

Another important thing to remember about bulking is that you should never skip a meal. If anything, it is better to eat regular meals throughout the day so that your body is constantly fuelled. This doesn’t mean resorting to sugary snacks however, even if these do give you energy.

Meals #1: Snacks
Snacks full of sugar will only give you a quick high, and afterwards you will be hungry and most likely craving more sugar. The problem with this is it’s great for an energy boost, but most people end up eating much more sugar than they actually need and store the excess carbs and sugar as fat in their body. This means rather than bulking up, you will never reach that lean mean physique as there will always be more fat being constantly added to your body.

Rather than reaching for sugary snacks, you need to stock up on Muscle Building Snacks such as apple with cottage cheese, tuna, trail mix, oats in protein shake, or protein rich pancakes.

Meals #2: Breakfast
Your breakfast should first of all NEVER get skipped, and second of all should set you up for the day. I know that it can be difficult to try and sit down to a wholesome meal every morning, especially if you have kids or a seriously early start to get to work. Think about preparing breakfasts to go the evening before and even if you are grabbing a protein shake blended with porridge oats, this is better than skipping this vital meal altogether.

Meals #3: Lunch and Dinner
For lunch, try and create a bit of variety so that all the bulking up foods stay interesting and don’t get too tedious to eat. Muscle building lunches include things such as homemade salmon fish cakes, protein rich Thai beef salad, plus any meal that contains legumes, lean meat and any low fat but high protein items is a winner for helping you boost muscle fat so that you can stay energized, hit your bulking workout hard and see results fast.

Every person’s body is different so you must not assume that a workout that worked for your fiend will work for you. To develop bulk workout 3 to 4 times a week ensuring that you allow your body rest days and plenty of sleep so that you can see a huge increase in muscle mass.

Most of you will want to focus on the body parts that will show the results the most and will make walking down the beach shredded as hell a real pleasure! Your arms, legs, abs, and your chest are the things that you will inevitably want to work on, and if you are hitting the gym but not seeing any changes in your body then maybe it is the type of exercise that you are doing.

At the gym, know the machines that will tone your abdominal muscles (the machines will usually have a picture of which body part the machine works). IF you are unsure how to use them owever, ask gym staff who can give you some guidance. It’s better to ask and to know how to do it properly than to do it incorrectly and sustain an injury. Another important factor to remember is that you need to work on your obliques and your rectus abdominals (the lower back) so that your stomach has the support it needs. The best exercises for your abs are crunches, hanging leg raises and twisting crunches on a decline.

Welcome to the “Gun Show”! That’s what you want to be able to say to people, right? Well, as long as you are having foods to bulk up your muscles and plenty of regular meals, your arms should start to bulk up lean and truly impressive muscle. Work on your biceps and triceps, of course, but don’t neglect your forearms. Bicep curls and other compound movements will enable you to blast your arms (in particular your biceps) and develop the lean, hard arm mass that you want.

Always make sure that you use compound movements in your bulking workout routine as these will help huge muscle growth. You will need to start with lunges, dead lifts, squats, and leg presses if you are serious about bulking up your legs. Use ankle weights to make butt lifts or calf raises more effective and use the leg extension machine to work your quads for more defined thighs.

Use a leg press machine to tone up your glutes, thighs and calves all at once. The first press is always the hardest but the most important thing about this is to keep a smooth motion going. Never let the weights rest between repetitions and always try to do 12 to 15 reps with 2 sets.

Want a chest that will make Arnold Schwarzenegger in his hay-day jealous? Then hit the bench presses with barbells, do bar dips, dumbbell pullovers, dumbbell bench presses and dumbbell flies. Keep good form for these types of workouts so that you can benefit from the full extent of the workout but also prevent injury.

First of all, never touch steroids. Steroids are not the way to go, and many people that have tried them will testify to the fact that they have many negative effects including:

– Impotence
– Aggression
– Development of breasts
– Acne
– Baldness
– Heart attacks
– Delusional
– High levels of cholesterol
– Liver cancer
– Mood swings

All of these negative effects vary but nobody wants to have any of them. This is why taking supplements is the best way of stripping fat and gaining muscle mass so that you can get the body that you want but without the risks.

Whey Protein
Whey protein is considered by many athletes and body builders a great supplement for building muscle and shredding fat, but overloading your body with certain types of protein shakes can have an adverse effect on your body. Excess protein will be stored as fat cells if you consume too much, and this defeats the point of your workout. If you are going to have a protein shake, the best protein for bulking muscle is one that has a high protein content but low carb count.

I use Gold Standard 100% whey protein and it has a great amount of protein but only 2.4g carbs per serving and mixes really easily (other protein shakes that I have tried are hard to mix and you end up with chunks of protein in your shake that are unpleasant to swallow). Other bodybuilders would also recommend 90+. To see the best results, have a protein shake before and after you hit the gym – your muscles will find it easier to recover and you will see a change in your muscle development much more easily.

Amino Acids
All fitness enthusiasts that want to get ripped should use protein for bulking up, so to ensure that the protein is absorbed by your muscle cells you should not only stay hydrated, but you should also take amino acids before and after your workout.

This is because amino acids are considered the “building blocks” for muscle growth so if you want to see a vast change in your body then these supplements are vital.

An effective muscle building supplement, glutamine is designed to be taken in addition to all of your bulking foods as well as your other supplements. If you want to know how to get huge, use glutamine to help with endurance, recovery and strength.

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