The first three months of workout


“At the first training session, start with the complex number 1, the second – with the number 2, the third – with the number 3, that is, 3 times a week. Next week, do the same. With this method, the muscles will be pursued under all possible angles and will not accustome to working in a frozen sheme. Thus, my system will not only develop strength and increase muscle size, but also will give them shape. During the first month do only one set for each workout with intervals of 1-2 minutes between them.
For the best strive to use heavier weight, but increase it gradually, just a few pounds (one English pound – 453.6 grams), and only those exercises that are easy, and you are sure you will be able to perform the desired number of reps even with increased weight. Learn how to evaluate their training effect, anticipating the day when it is above or below normal, and in accordance with this, use more or less weight. As soon as you master the technical evaluation of your level of force training , you will make a big step forward to the physical perfection.
After the first month of training it`s better to rest for 3-4 days. It is important to give yourself a chance to heal and recover, and also toincrease the motivation that you`ll get back to the workouts. ”
“In the second month be engaged in the same program, but instead of one set to each workout perform each two sets, with a break between sets for about one minute, between exercises 1-2 minutes.
Series of sets in the workouts are forcing the muscles to grow. Blood is pumpng to the muscles, they become pumped. If you keep to a balanced diet, about which will be talk more, the muscles will quickly increase the volume and strength. ”
“To keep a fast growth rate of muscles, but at the same time not to become inflated, heavy line (this can happen because of an excess of calories, too much weight shells and a lack of exercise), you need to make a correction in the third month of training .
You continue performing two sets for each exercise, just as in the second month, but change the number of repetitions.
Now you refuse to keep the number of repetitions. In each exercise of the first set, you use so much weight that it can be overcomed in 5 repetitions for one set. Then after a short pause, reduce weight so that to perform 9 repetitions in the second set. Do these final nine reps on the “thumb groove,” some livelier than you have done the first set of 5 repetitions.

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The advantage of doing low and high number of repetitions:
1. A low number of repetitions builds strength and muscle volume.
2. A high number of repetitions builds muscles and shape.
3. Reduced weight of the shell in a high number of repetitions you get over a bit faster. A higher number of repetitions affects the muscles a little differently, changing their shape, increasing the amount and degree of endurance.

You get a high stamina and energy, as well as a greater power, and the pace of progress. This method of training will help you in any sport, in which you want train in future. This is one of the advantages of Darth Vader – a comprehensive method of training that is fully tested and proved tahat it works. This method use the greatest champions, who have wonderful anthropometric indicators,so they retain a sharp definition, so important to the impressive physical perfection. “

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