Super Butt Workout To Firm, Lift, And De-Dimple Your Booty!

Super Butt Workout To Firm, Lift, And De-Dimple Your Booty!

It’s time to get that bootylicious figure you’ve always seen at every pool party. And this super butt workout is everything you need to achieve a round, lifted and toned behind.

Women with a round, big and toned booty look AMAZING! They wear anything (or nothing) and still look great! Be it a dress or skinny jeans, everything fits their body perfectly.

Now, the question is, for how long are you craving to have such a great butt, but unfortunately, it is not even near? The reason behind this unsuccessful attempt is that your method of working out is wrong.
If you are looking for a round, toned, lifted behind, here is a very effective super butt workout regime for you to follow!

Workout Structure
40 Seconds On 5 Seconds Off
No equipment; add dumbbells or extra resistance to increase the challenge
Warm up & cool down not included

Printable Butt and Thigh Workout
Basic Squats
Ski to Sumo Squats
Reverse Lunge Squats
Rocket Squats
Split Jump Lunges
Squat Hold

How to use this workout
Because this works your muscles intensely, you will want to make sure that you do a warm up before you start(and a cool down and stretch when you finish). You can use this as a quick routine by itself, or you can add it onto the end of a cardio or butt and thigh strength workout to really finish off those lower body muscles. You don’t want to do this workout on sore muscles; do it every other day at the most.

Squat challenges are still very popular and rampant on the web, but you need more than just hundreds of repetitions of the same exercise over and over again to get lifted, round glutes and toned thighs – plus, those challenges have you working against yourself by having you do high repetitions of squats almost every day (muscles need rest for exercise to be effective!). The variations of squats you find in this workout make this short routine much more effective than doing hundreds of reps of a standard squat.

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