Paleo Cajun Shrimp


Paleo Cajun Shrimp

4 Ingredients Cajun shrimp seasoning packet
Approximately 24 precooked medium sized shrimp
1/3-1/2 butter stick
1/3-1/2 lemon juiced

Put all shrimp in a pan on a low-medium heat (if your shrimp are frozen be sure to run room temperature water over them before you cook them to be sure they are defrosted)
Add whole packet of Cajun Choice Shrimp seasoning evenly on top of the shrimp.
Cut butter into small pieces and add directly into pan.
Once butter is all melted stir shrimp, seasoning and butter all together.
Add lemon to mixture.
Stir some more to make sure lemon is all over shrimp.
Cook for about 2 more min and serve.

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