Memories for your mass!


Memories for your mass!

If you do not gain by 0.5-1kg every 3-4 weeks, it means you have problems with your nutrition. You probably violate a regime of food intake, eat a little of protein and carbohydrates. However, If weight is growing it is early to be happy . First you should find out, what is growing – muscles or fat. To do this, before the start of our diat program  measure up your fat proporton in a body composition. Make such measurements every 2-4 week. If you are gaining fat no more than 4-10% in reference to the  total accretion of weight, it means that everything is ok. Fat always comes with the growth of muscles. Nothing can be done with this –it`s natural. Another case is that the accretion of fat  should be minimal. If the measurements show a rapid progression of fatty deposits,  it means that you have a lot of  carbohydrates. Reduce a proportion of carbohydrates in the daily diet on 200 calories. In order that the energy intake does not fall, add protein exactly at the same amount of calories. And this has not helped? Then  reducean amount of the carbohydrates again – to 100-150 calories. I think  your muscles will be growing!

Good luck!

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