How to Perform Exercises

How to Perform Exercises

In the first 6 months of workouts is absolutely necessary to perform each repetition “purely”, without the help of other body parts. This means that you can not do bumps down and tilt your torso to bring weights in the final position. Hopes for such deception are robbing the working muscles and are removing a significant part of load, which they need to ensure that they have grown faster.

Later, when you become more experienced, you can start using this form of “deception” in order to make the exercise more difficult for the working muscles.Novice athletes, of course, resort to “cheating┬╗ (cheating in translation means exactly deception – Ed.) with a view to facilitate an exercise, whereas they need to focus on the precise performance of repetitions in each set. The main thing, to develop good habits from the start.

Do not deceive yourself. It is important that during the training you try to form a mental-muscle connection. The mental focus will ensure that you use all the muscle fibers and you remain correct form of movement and you`ll not injure yourself. ”
Have you noticed the development of mental and muscular connection? It is not only the development of technology, it is something more. Many have probably heard that if you train only one hand, the other hand will grow too, the muscles on it will also grow, although not so intensively as in trained.

What is cheating? Let’s say you do barlifting on the biceps with a bottom grip. Because in this exercise are working quite small muscles, namely biceps and deltoids, but they get tired quickly. If you bend a little your body in the hip joint, when the bar is located at the bottom, it will attach the bar an additional boost. When the bar moves to the top point, you can gently bend backward in the back. Thus, you make work biceps and deltoid muscles to the limit (as we will find out later, it is very important!).

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