How to Intensify Your Bench Press Workout

How to Intensify Your Bench Press Workout

The bench press workout is a standard power lifting exercise designed especially for bodybuilding and weight training purposes. This activity aims to strengthen and increase the muscles of your chest specifically the pectoralis muscles and its supporting muscles at the back and triceps on your arms.

The bench press workout can be done either utilizing barbells, dumbbells or with the typical Smith machine.

The extent to which people can perform bench presses, or plateau as it is commonly termed, varies from individual to another. For example, tall guys tend to have a disadvantage compared to shorter guys since the distance needed for the bar to travel would definitely be longer. Experienced lifters would have greater plateau than those starting out. But the important key factor here is that working hard continuously on your bench press workouts would definitely give promising results regardless of the physical attribute you might have.

Intensifying your lifts to achieve increased lifts in a short time is definitely hard but there are key strategies that would definitely help you achieve this goal. These workouts require a simple rule: stick to the basics! Adhering to the basic rules and forms required will maximize your muscle building goal while minimizing strain and tension on your body.

Another rule would be to cycle your workouts. A lot of builders would define it as the light and the heavy phases of the workout. Each of these phases take time and effort so take each phase at a time and in you own pace.

In the light phase, you simply have to raise your endurance level and mould your form. This phase of workout does not require you to immediately have a high plateau but to simply increase your stamina. In the heavy phase, you have to maximize strength by increasing press and see yourself getting stronger.

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The third rule involves rest. This essential activity would help the muscles relax, repair and build itself up. Thus, you have to take periods of rest or come up with a cycle of rest and bench press workouts. A good example would be working out every other day and allocate the remaining days as your rest period.

When intensifying your bench press workouts exercise and strengthening your triceps, the muscles needed for your elbow extension, remember to maintain your shoulder blades in a tight position. Pressure should be centered on the muscles of your back and chest and it is best to maintain a vertical upward push of the bars. Lock your elbows and keep the bar directly over your wrists and elbows. Do not lower the bars to your chest suddenly or abruptly and always follow a rhythm.

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