How To Determine Your Body Type For Smart Weight Loss

How To Determine Your Body Type For Smart Weight Loss

Knowing and understanding your body type is crucial when starting a weight loss journey. And because there’s no such thing as a perfect diet for everyone, picking a suitable weight loss plan for you is not an easy task. But knowing your body type can make it a lot more easier for you.

You can easily determine your body type by taking the simple quiz in the picture below. While genetics is entirely responsive for your body type, it’s impossible to change it. But it’s simple to find the right workouts and meal plans for your body type, once you discover it.

Your Body Type Characteristics
Here are the 3 body types: Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph:

1. Ectomorph
Rectangular appearance without curves;
Tall and lean;
Very little body fat;
Very little muscle tone;
Narrow shoulders;
Flat chests (in women);
Flat bottoms.
Benefits: Hard to gain weight.

Training: More strength training and less cardiovascular exercises.

Nutrition: 5 to 6 smaller meals per day instead of 3 large meals. Include healthy fats.

2. Endomorph
Pear like appearance;
Shorter and rounder;
Gain fat very easily;
Slow metabolisms;
Hard to burn excess body fat;
Muscles are not very well defined;
Carry most of their weight in the lower body;
Hourglass shape when in good physical condition.
Benefits: Build muscle quickly.

Training: 5 times per week 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercises and 3 times per week 30 minutes of strength training.

Nutrition: 5 to 6 small high-fiber meals per day. Avoid crash diets.

3. Mesomorph
Hourglass like appearance;
Similar size shoulders and hips;
Gain muscle easily;
Gain weight if don’t exercise;
Benefits: Athletic with well-defined muscles.

Training: More strength training, less cardiovascular exercises.

Nutrition: 3 high-protein, low-carb meals per day.

In the infographic below you can find an easy quiz to determine what is your body type. Take the quiz and follow the training and nutrition tips provided for your body type. Stay fit!

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