How To Chin Ups

Chin Ups

Double tap if you are getting your own back.

Execution Hang by your arms from a horizontal bar using an overhand grip (knuckles facing backward). Place your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart. Use your back muscles to pull the upper part of your chest up to the level of the bar and at the same time arch your torso slightly backwards. Let your legs hang straight or cross them. You can also bend your knees if you like. Inhale during the first half of the downward movement and exhale when you reach the top. Comments This is an excellent, although very demanding, exercise for the latissimus dorsi and arms. It is a good way to broaden the middle back (although results will always depend on your individual physical characteristics). Make sure your movement is vertical, aligned, and complete. Horizontal wobbles andcontracting the torso are signs of poor technique. Advanced athletes who are able to do many repetitions can hang a weight from a belt, but it is more advisable to do the exercise slower and increase the number of repetitions because too heavy a load could injure the joints, triceps, or even the spine. Beginners should opt for lat pull-down machines. A narrower grip will put more strain on the arms, shifting some of the work to the center of the back. The range of motion will also be shorter. Common mistakes: doing the exercise too fast, incomplete movement, swinging the body, bending the torso and bringing the elbows forward to get help from the chest muscles, bending the knees to gain momentum, too wide a grip and extending the arms fully at the end of the downward movement.

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