How Fast Can You Lose Fat


How fast can you lose fat ? is probably one of the most popular fitness questions. In this day and age it’s all about fast results and quick fixes, nobody is patient especially when it comes to fat loss. The answer is different for everyone but the following factors all affect the rate of fat loss:

1. How Lean You Are To Begin With

It’s not uncommon to hear of people losing 5-10 pounds of fat in a week if they are 300lbs to begin with. The higher your body fat percentage the quicker you will lose fat. The lower your body fat percentage, the harder it will become to lose fat fast.

2. Genetics

Some of us are born with fast metabolisms and some with slower metabolisms. The faster your metabolism the faster you will ultimately lose fat while in a calorie deficit. You can raise your metabolism temporarily by performing “High Intensity Interval Training” such as hill sprints or by drinking green tea.

3. Calorie Intake

The greater the calorie deficit the greater the fat loss (and muscle loss). Your body will make use of stored body fat and amino acids (muscle) for energy while in a calorie deficit. Most people stick to a calorie deficit of about 500 calories per day to lose about one pound of fat weekly, you can increase the deficit to 1000 daily if you are significantly overweight (over 25% body fat). Lowering the calorie deficit as you get leaner will help preserve more muscle.

4. Sex

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Men generally lose fat much faster than women and also reach much lower body fat percentages while still remaining healthy. This is due to the male hormone testosterone and a naturally greater amount of muscle mass.

5. Muscle Mass

The more muscle mass you carry the faster you can lose fat. Having more muscle mass increases your metabolic rate to a certain extent. Your body burns more calories moving its muscles than it does moving its fat.

6. Lifestyle

Your general lifestyle habits have a significant impact on fat loss. Lack of sleep, alcohol & drug use and stress all have an impact on fat loss. If you are not losing much fat, take a quick look at your general lifestyle and fix the problem areas. It may be getting more sleep, putting the friday night beer down or meditating daily to reduce stress levels.

Final Words

Nobody can say exactly how fast you can lose fat but a general guideline is about 1-3 pounds a weekdepending on the above factors. By sticking to a great diet and training regime you will reach your desired physique it’s just a matter of time and effort.

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