The benefits of interval training are many, including: increasing endurance, improving acceleration and speed, and burning more calories in less time. Basically, it makes you more athletic, quicker, and accomplishes what you would on a treadmill in a third of the time!Plus, it revs up your metabolism and keeps you burning fat for hours after your workout is over.

Repeat this abs workout three times a week to burn fat and get toned and defined abs.

Equipment Needed: Interval timer, yoga mat or soft surface

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and rest 15 seconds after each one. Review the videos below for exercise demonstrations. Complete the number of circuits indicated for your fitness level.

Beginner Level: Complete one circuit.
Intermediate Level: Complete two circuits.
Advanced Level: Complete four circuits.


1. Jumping Jacks
2. Bicycle Crunches
3. Flutter Kicks
4. Russian Twists
5. Jumping Jacks
6. Figure Four Leg Lifts
7. Toe Touches
8.Jumping Jacks
9. Plank Toe Touch

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