Get Bigger, Thicker, Stronger Legs

Get Bigger, Thicker, Stronger Legs

Are you sick of working out and feeling like your legs are just not getting any bigger? Do you lift the weights, do the lunges and nothing seems to be changing? Maybe it is time to change up your routine and really focus on your leg workout routine. Developing a specific plan to focus on legs is a great way to make the difference in muscle development.


The trick to squats is ensuring that you are lifting enough weight to really push the muscle outside of the comfort zone – by pushing yourself past “comfortable” you can expand the muscle. To build muscle, you have to break down the tiny fibers in the muscle, which then allows them to heal bigger and stronger than they were before. When you push squats hard, and you do fewer repetitions with heavier weight, you will notice that the muscle gain will move faster. Be sure to challenge yourself, but do not compromise form to get the job done.

Squats require a steady posture and strong abs to ensure that you do not injure your back – be sure to protect yourself from injury.


Think spin class is just for those trying to lose weight? Have you ever tried a spin class? If you really want to create large, dynamic legs, give spin class a try. There is nothing like standing up doing an intense muscle workout for an hour while pedaling a bike at high speeds. Because spinning uses the large muscles of your legs for an extended workout, you will notice a difference with just a few days a week in a spin class.

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Leg Press

To complete this exercise, you will need a leg press machine. This machine will allow you to adjust the weight as you increase each rep and also provide a safety mechanism in case of fatigue. The leg press is a done while lying on your back, and “pushing” the weights away from your body. It is important to control the weight both on the push away and a controlled let down so that the muscles are working in both directions. This exercise is a good one to use with higher weights and can really be helpful when trying to increase the general size of your legs.

These three leg exercises will go a long way to improving the strength and size of your legs, but legs are not built by weight lifting alone. Make sure that you are giving your body the required nutrition to maximize your workouts, and always ensure that you are staying hydrated. Many guys worry about feeling full or bloated with water during workout, but when you are burning calories and pushing muscle past the breaking point, proper hydration is a must.

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