Chest Day : Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten

Chest Day : Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten

Chest Workout: 3 Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten About

Outside of big arms, I do not think that there is another body part that is more worked by the beginner and intimidate bodybuilder than the chest. Chest Day : Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten

Yes, almost everyone who starts bodybuilding wants a massive chest, and they want it yesterday.I cannot promise you that your chest will magically grow overnight, but I can tell you that the three exercises that you will find below, will help supercharge your chest growth. O.K., lets get started.Chest Day : Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten


Yes, incline presses and not flat bench presses are first up, and I will tell you why, the incline press develops the often neglected upper pecs, and has a far lesser rate of injury than the flat bench press. Plus, since you have to keep your form tight on incline presses, this helps to ensure that it is your upper pecs do most of the work, and not momentum. Chest Day : Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten

For the incline press, start out with not much weight on the bar and take your time and learn to do the movement right.
Stick to the basic 5×5 program (that is five sets of five reps per set for a total of twenty-five reps) for the first couple of months before you start to run the reps up. Chest Day : Exercises You Probably Have Forgotten
There is a misconception among beginning and intermediate lifters that higher reps are easier, but this is not true, because when you do higher reps as a beginner your form has a tendency to break down.
Not to mention the fact that you have to maintain concentration for even longer than you do for sets of lower reps.

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I am not talking about triceps dips here; I mean the kind that you do parallel bars. Most people do not know this, but along with the overhead press, dips were one of the major upper body lifts people did back-in-the-day, before the bench press took over. And with good reason, dips work the chest and work it big time.
However, you must be careful with dips, no bouncing at the bottom, you must keep your form tight and I mean ultra tight. I know these are hard and like chins/pull-ups a lot of people cannot do many, but that is O.K., just take your time with these and learn to do them properly. If you do this, I know you will see some nice chest growth.


Lastly we have the good old push-up. Yes, the same push-up you did in gym class.
Why? Well, for one thing they work great as a finisher, that is the final exercise you do in your routine to try and end your workout with a pump.

Second, you can do them all different kinds of ways, normal, explosive (where you try and explode your body off the floor and clap your hands in the air between reps). You can also do them with a weighted vest and you can do them between chairs. Does not matter how you do them, just tack them onto to the end of the above exercises and try and crank out one long set? Your chest will explode with a great pump. Not a bad way to finish off a workout!

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If you have never used the above exercises or have simply gotten away from them, ease into them gradually and then, overtime work up to using some good weight on the incline presses and dips, along with being able to pump out a set of one hundred push-ups at the end of the workout. When you can do this I know your chest will be expanding with new growth.

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