Booty Building Circuit Workout

Booty Building Circuit Workout

When I planned this workout it was just going to be one circuit. I thought the reps would be high and with going through the workout without rest, that it would be a good booty builder for an at home workout.

Then as I got going through the workout, and completed it, I was kinda feeling a little bit of beast mode kicking in, and even though my glutes were already feeling it. I went in for a second round.

If you don’t often work your glutes specifically, this workout may take a little toll on your buns. Keeping that in mind, you can decide if one or two circuits are best for you. 🙂

Now let’s get booty building!


+ exercise mat
+ kettlebell(s) (I used 6kg and 4kg)

Complete the following reps for each exercise, completing reps per side when applicable.
Go through the circuit without any rest.
When you’re done the first circuit, rest 1 – 2 minutes and complete a second circuit.

SQUAT + KETTLEBELL UNDER KNEE PASS x50 (alternating legs)
Booty Building Kettlebell Circuit #Workout

KETTLEBELL SINGLE ARM SWINGBooty Building Kettlebell Circuit Workout

+ hold the kettlebell in one hand, standing in a wide stance
+ with your arm fully extended, slightly bend your knees, keeping your back straight, core engaged and pushing hips back, lower the kettlebell between your legs
+ using your glutes and hips, push the weight of the kettlebell back into the air, extending your arm overhead

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SQUAT + KETTLEBELL UNDER KNEE PASSBooty Building Kettlebell Circuit Workout

+ stand in a wider stance than shoulder width, hold the kettlebell in front of your hips
+ push your hips back, bend your knees and lower into a squatting position, all while circling the kettlebell around your right thigh
+ push through your glutes and thighs to raise back into the standing position
+ again, squat down, this time circling the kettlebell around your left thigh
+ continue alternating sides until you complete all 50 reps

KETTLEBELL SINGLE LEG STIFF LEG DEADLIFTBooty Building Kettlebell Circuit Workout

+ hold the kettlebell with both hands, standing in your regular stance with your arms fully extended
+ kettlebell should be in front of your hips
+ working on one side at a time, lift your foot off the ground, extending your leg behind you while keeping it straight
+ use your hips to lean your upper body forward, keeping your back as straight as possible
+ engage your core throughout the entire movement
+ use your lower back muscles to pull yourself back into the standing position
+ complete all 25 reps on one side, then move to the opposite side

TIP: Learn how to make the single leg stiff leg deadlift easier.

KETTLEBELL SINGLE LEG GLUTE BRIDGEBooty Building Kettlebell Circuit Workout

+ begin on your back on the mat, with your right knee bent, right foot flat on the floor and your left leg fully extended
+ place the kettlebell on your hips, holding it with both hands
+ using your glute muscles, push your hips high into the air, while engaging your core and keeping your back straight
+ allow your left leg to lift, keeping it straight throughout the exercise
+ squeeze your glutes the entire time
+ slowly lower yourself back to the floor
+ complete all 25 reps on your right side before moving to your left side

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KETTLEBELL FRONT PLIE SQUATBooty Building Kettlebell Circuit Workout

+ hold the kettlebell with both hands, keeping your elbows bent and triceps parallel to the floor
+ keep the kettlebell about chin height, hold it there throughout the entire exercise
+ stand in a wide stance, with your toes pointing out to the sides, away from your body
+ slowly bend both knees, pushing your hips back, lowering your glutes to the floor
+ if you can, lower to a 90 degree bend, then use your glutes and thighs to push yourself back into the standing position

TIP: you can use an exercise mat as a guide, keeping your heels on the edge of the mat.

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