Big Shoulders

Big Shoulders

Build big, broad shoulders, fast
The shoulders (Deltoids) are an important muscle group. They are the missing link between your arms and your chest. If your shoulders are too big and your chest and arms too small, they will not look good. If your chest and arms are big and your shoulders too small, your body won’t look right either!

You need to train your shoulders in an efficient and intelligent way to get them big and looking in proportion with the rest of your physique.

The 3 heads that make up the shoulders
The shoulder muscles are made up of 3 heads. For the purpose of simplicity, we will call them the front, back and side heads. You need to train all 3 heads to have a decent looking set of shoulders. Let’s get started with some specific exercises to hit all 3 heads.

The Training
Big shoulders: Shredded Diesel

If you really want to concentrate on shoulders, then devote one day every week to shoulders. Or alternatively if you are doing a split routine, you can incorporate the following into your shoulder training day. If you are uncertain as to any of the following exercises, do a Google search for them and click the “images” tab.

Military Press: x8 reps, maximum weight with good form (all exercises) – 3 sets
Front Dumbbell Shoulder Press: x 8 reps – 3 sets. Tip: For melon-sized shoulders, make sure your small finger is higher than your thumb.
Behind the neck barbell press: x8 reps – 3 sets.
Side dumbbell raises: x8 reps – 3 sets.
Upright rows: x8 reps – 3 sets.

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The shoulders do get used for many things in daily life so you need ensure you don’t over train them and avoid injury at ALL costs. Always warm up and never over-stretch. Always use good form and never jerk the weight. Stretch after each set.

If you are away on holiday or not near a gym, elevate your feet on a chair as high as you can and do as many push-ups as you can x 3 sets. These will at least keep your front deltoids pumped up and ready for the next time you hit the gym.

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