Bench Press Chest Workout

Bench Press Chest Workout

The mighty bench press is a great exercise for building a powerful chest.
The bench press is one of the power exercises, known to be very effective for building body mass. Learning how to do a proper bench press is well worth the effort.

Steps: Most gyms have benches specifically designed for the bench press and its variations. Lie flat on one of these benches with your feet firmly on the ground. The bar should be resting on the bench’s rack.

Lift the bar off the rack and hold it above your chest in the starting position. Lower the bar down until it touches your chest. Hold this position briefly and make sure you have complete control of the bar. Now raise the bar up to the starting postion.

Return the bar to the rack after you’ve completed your set.

Tips: The width of your grip on the bar will change the focus of the bench press. A medium grip is most common. This is slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. It’s usually marked on the bar.

Having a spotter to help you with the bench press is essential. A competitive, motivating spotter is one of the most valuable assets you can find.

Choose a weight that is challenging and allows you to maintain proper form. Improper form is less effective and could result in an injury. Use a slow controlled motion and never lock your elbows.

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