A Short Guide on how to Build Muscle Fast WITHOUT Steroids

A Short Guide on how to Build Muscle Fast WITHOUT Steroids

If you want to build your muscle mass fast but you would like to avoid using steroids at the same time, you are at the right place.

Although many people believe that steroids and bodybuilding come hand in hand, and that huge muscles can be achieved only by their use, this is far from the truth. Moreover, steroids are not only dangerous, but also illegal, and by no means the only road to success.

That is why we’ve decided to present you with several tips on how you can improve your muscle mass building by avoiding steroids. Following our tips will certainly help you in building your muscle mass promptly.


When you train hard your body needs time to recover. That’s why limiting your training sessions to three times a week is highly advisable.

By adjusting your protocol to skip a day you provide your body with time to recover. In that way you avoid overtraining, and can put more energy in your daily workout routine.

Another good advice is to avoid hitting it hard the moment you enter the gym. You need not attack the dumbbell rack doing curls immediately, but try beginning your practice with squats, or deadlifts. These exercises target broader muscle area, and in doing so they force your body to pump more testosterone in your blood-stream, which is crucial in building muscle mass fast.


Compound exercise should be made the focus of your protocol.  That does not mean that isolation movements should be avoided altogether, just that you should rely more on exercises that recruit larger muscle groups like squats, deadlifts, rows, bench press, etc.

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By putting your focus on compound lifts and gradually increasing the weight, you’ll achieve fantastic total body development.


Try to keep your reps range to 6-12 every set. This rep range is often termed the hypertrophy range, and is scientifically proven to deliver the best result in muscle growth.
Another advisable approach would be to gradually increase the weights used in your exercises.

When you constantly lift the same amount of weights and doing the same number of reps and sets, you fail to overload the muscles, and as a result, they can slow down their growth.
You can take your workout to the next level effectively by training to failure, and doing dropsets and supersets. However, you should avoid doing them on every set.


While many people believe that muscle growth is achieved while they are in the gym, this growth is only permanent. It is due to filling your muscles with more blood so they only appear bigger.

The true growth is in fact achieved after you’re done with your training, and this process is most pronounced while you’re sleeping. Sleeping provides your body with time to repair your muscle tissue, making them bigger and preparing them for handling larger weights. Allow yourself sufficient time for sleeping is one of the crucial steps in your optimal progress.


Testosterone is one of the key factors in muscle growth, and maintaining its level high is simply a must if you what to grow bigger fast. High testosterone levels translate into more muscle mass.That is why, if you want to go natural, you need to learn how to up your testosterone production without the use of chemicals.

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So, find out which ingredients are known to boost your testosterone and try introducing them in your diet. High testosterone levels can provide you with a lot of benefits, making your body leaner and shredded.

By increasing your testosterone levels you’ll also notice an increased confidence, and you’ll also greatly improve your sex drive.

Another way to improve your testosterone production is to take natural testosterone boosting supplements. Just make sure that you are buying the truly natural stuff, as this market is full of suspicious products. Learn which ingredients are scientifically proven to have effect, and make sure to check the label to find out if the product you’re using contains them.

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