90 Day Diet to 55 Pounds Less

90 Day Diet to 55 Pounds Less

The purpose of this diet is besides reducing weight to achieve a change in metabolism, thus ensuring that the lost weight will not return. The diet lasts 90 days and during that time is lost from 39 to 25 pounds. If you want to lose less weight you should end the diet earlier.

The diet always starts with protein day, followed by starch day, carbohydrate day, fruit day, and then again protein day.

BREAKFAST: you eat fruits during the 90 days. Always a pair (2 apples, 2 pears, 2 oranges or a handful berries). The diet always starts with protein day and after the fruit day continues with protein.


Day-Protein day
Lunch: Boiled or roast meat in an amount equal to the hotel steak, a slice of bread, salad in unlimited quantities and lastly to drink 200 ml soup without the noodles.

Instead of meat you can eat 3 boiled or fried eggs. This day you can eat cheese or milk, but in that case the meat or eggs should halve the amount. The soup must be drink.

Dinner: Same as for the lunch, but without soup and bread, half of lunch.

It should be shall keep a record-if you ate meat lunch, then for dinner you eat meat, and if you ate eggs, and then for dinner you eat eggs.functional-foods-protein

Between each meal should pass 4 hours.

Day – Starch day
Lunch: Cooked beans, peas, rice, potatoes (one of these optional), with the addition of spices (salt, mixed vegetable spice, pepper, tomato sauce, oregano) slice of bread and salad.

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Dinner: Same as lunch, 50% less

Between each meal should pass at least 3 hours.

Day – Carbohydrates day
Lunch: boiled pasta with the addition of spices or vegetarian pizza with ketchup , may also have a pastry, for example three bread sticks.

Dinner: two small slices of cake or 3-4 cookies or 3 scoops ice cream and obligatory 1 row chocolate with a high percentage (70% or more) cocoa.

Between each meal should pass at least 3 hours.

Day – Fruit day
For lunch and dinner just mixed fruit, how much you want, between each meal should pass 2 hours.

Water day : After a cycle of 7×4 days or 29 days (once a month , three times during the diet) keeps water day (drinking only water) which always comes after the fruit and continue with protein. Unlimited coffee and tea without sugar.

After the diet, eats normally, with the fruit as a breakfast stays another 90 days. If in the next 3 months from the diet you lose another 3 kg, it means that there is a change in metabolism. Otherwise, the diet should be repeated again.

Diet may seem complicated, but it is not. Quantity of food is greater than we normally consume, but even with this weight “run away”. You should not lose hope, because it happens even after 10 days to weight changes, and then sharply decline.

Reduce the juices to a minimum. Nothing should be skipped, each product has its purpose and the body must not leave without anything. Chocolate prevents allergies present exactly when stick with a diet.

Fruit is necessarily to eat in the morning because give energy to the body.

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It is desirable to measure blood pressure and blood. All those who kept the diet lost at least 10 pounds without any health problem. People who suffer from high blood pressure, after only a few weeks do not need to use drugs.

The diet always starts with protein day

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