9 Symptoms That Could Indicate Hormonal Imbalance

9 Symptoms That Could Indicate Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are the chemical messengers in our bodies that trigger, regulate and control the activity of organs and cells. They can coordinate a lot of metabolic activities simultaneously. That is why maintaining a hormonal balance is essential to proper body functioning and even a slight imbalance to the equilibrium can cause chaos.

That is why it is extremely important that you pay attention to the most common signs of hormonal imbalance which will enable you to treat any potential issue in a quick and efficient manner:

1. Overall fatigue

Feeling tired is a completely normal state of being, but if you find often find yourself lacking energy, that’s a sign something’s off. The cause is most likely imbalanced blood sugar levels. That’s why you need exclude grains and wheat from your diet. Making these simple changes in your diet will help you maintain steady blood sugar levels and will prevent “brain fog” and feeling tired.

2. Feeling depressed, anxious and easily irritable

If you are going through a depression or feel anxious all the time, chances are you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance. These are also symptoms of stress and toxicity.

3. Gaining weight

If you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, it would be very hard to maintain a healthy weight. The hormone in question is insulin, to which cells become resistant. This can be fixed by making small changes in your diet.

4. Muscle mass loss and belly fat

If the endocrine system is overstressed, it’s likely it won’t release an optimal amount of certain hormones or under produce others, mostly cortisol. This is something known as adrenal fatigue, which forces to body to deposit fat reserves it intends to use in the future, leading to accumulating fat tissue around your stomach.

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5. Problems with digestion

Eating too much and not chewing your food properly might often be a sign of hormonal imbalance because when the food is not properly digested, you deprive your body off of nutrients.

6. Food cravings

Insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue can often be manifested by excessive eating and food cravings. The best fix for that situation is to get rid of sugars, dairy products, alcohol and wheat which in the long term will help you better control your cravings and improve your digestion.

7. Sweating too much

Sweating at night and hot flashes are the first signs of hormonal imbalance in women. The way to fix this is by recording all the foods and drinks you consume during the day, your overall physical condition and any emotions that might appear after, instead of beginning a hormonal replacement therapy.

8. Poor sleep quality and insomnia

When you are sleep deprived or you are sleeping poorly, your overall stress levels and cortisol levels increase, which in turn creates hormonal imbalance.

9. Low libido

Low libido has been proven to be the most accurate symptom of hormonal imbalance and it usually starts with lacking sleep which decreases sex hormones production in our bodies.

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