7 Effective Lower Abs Workout For Women

7 Effective Lower Abs Workout For Women

Would you like to know the top Lower Abs Workouts for women? Go ahead with your read!

1. Warming Up Abs:

You need to lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor.
Breathe in and tuck the chin towards the chest.
Then breathe out and curl the head, shoulder and neck off the surface.
Lift your arms and then reach the feet.
Now revert to the starting pose.
Repeat it eight times.

💜 Rolling up
💜 Leg drop
💜 Scissor move
💜 Torso twist
💜 Hanging leg raise
💜 Bicycle crunch
💜 plank .
NOTE* If you dont know how to perform the exercise please just type the name on Google and go to images 💙

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