5 Ingredients You Need To Add To Your Breakfast to Rev Up Your Metabolism and Get Rid of The Excess Fat

5 Ingredients You Need To Add To Your Breakfast to Rev Up Your Metabolism and Get Rid of The Excess Fat

To be able to serve it’s purpose, breakfast needs to have all the essential ingredients. There are people stating that you can eat more liberal for breakfast as you have the time to burn the calories later during the day. However, it doesn’t mean that you can eat anything. In this article, we will list 5 ingredients that will help you optimize your breakfast’s effectiveness and aid balancing the macronutrient ratio.

Eating a healthy breakfast has many benefits for your health, like helping you build muscle, keeping you satiated for longer periods of time, provide you with enough energy for the day and aid you in reaching the daily recommended macronutrient servings. Give these 5 ingredients a try and we guarantee you will see instant improvement.

1. Add protein in it

Protein is not only the most important macronutrient; it is also the most satisfying one. When your stomach is empty, a hormone called ghrelin is released, which signalizes your brain to increase the feeling of hunger with the production of gastric acid and prepare your stomach for food consumption.

Research has proven that the consumption of protein has a significant effect on ghrelin production. What’s more, scientists have also found that a protein-rich breakfast decreased the output of ghrelin. Some of the ways in which you can add protein in your breakfast are via eggs, whey protein powder or perhaps peanut butter.

2. Choose savory instead of sweet

Breakfasts that have sweet stuff in them like muffins or cereals, contain high amounts of sugar and can significantly increase the sugar levels in your blood. Instead, you can try to heat up the meal from last night and eat it in the morning. This goes double for those who are already enjoying savory and want to have a balanced breakfast since it will provide you with a satiating feeling and won’t cause blood sugar spikes.

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3. Add healthy fats

If you want to feel more satiated for prolonged periods of time, you can freely add healthy fats to the breakfast, which will give you a tremendous energy boost to sustain you throughout the day. It’s worth repeating that we are only talking about healthy fats which can be found in olive or coconut oil, avocados, almond butter, seeds, nuts, flaxseed oil etc. Always try to make it simple, like adding a couple of tablespoons to your breakfast.

4. Add some veggies

Vegetables have high amounts of fiber which have enormous benefits to your intestinal health and bowel movements. It is highly recommended that you add them to your breakfast. One serving coupled with your breakfast can easily help you reach the daily recommended dose of two and a half cups a day. Let’s say, if you plan on eating some eggs, add some peppers, onion or some spinach in the eggs and stir them. That way you get a delicious veggie omelet, which has both protein and fiber in it.

5. Use steel-cut oats, not rolled oats

The difference between steel-cut oats and rolled oats is that they aren’t rolled into flakes, but the entire toasted oat grain, also known as groat, which is used to make rolled oats is cut in thirds to produce steel-cut oats. They have the exact same nutrients as the rolled oats and have a satiating effect, while also preventing spikes in blood sugar levels. What’s more, because of these characteristics, they also aid in fat loss.

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