13 Snacks That Detox Your Body

13 Snacks That Detox Your Body

In this day and age when everything is filled with chemicals and toxins, it’s even more important to take good care of your body. Detoxification is the best way to cleanse your body and reestablish its balance from within.

1. Avocado
A great snack, high in fiber and fat – don’t fret, it’s the good type of fat! It’s advisable to consume avocado as is, without any other ingredients.This fruit contains a bunch of antioxidants and glutathione, a nutrient that can block up to 30 carcinogens and detox your liver. Avocados will help you eat less added sugars, thus help you lose weight, lower your BMI and metabolic syndrome risk.

2. Grapefruit
This fruit is widely famous in diets because it helps the liver to burn fat. It’s a great snack that helps treat diabetes, strengthens the body fight against cancer and lowers cholesterol. Not to mention that it works wonders for people suffering from stomach ulcers and gum disease. Another benefit of grapefruit is that it helps prevent strokes and the apparition of metabolic syndrome.

3. Pineapple
Pineapples are one of the tastiest snacks you can get your hands on. Not only do they taste amazing, but they also help with digestion and colon cleansing thanks to a digestive enzyme it contains. This enzyme called bromelain can also help balance blood coagulation, reduce inflammation and the growth of certain tumors.

4. Asparagus
Asparagus not only helps you detox your body, but it also helps you stay young. It also helps with liver drainage and reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer. It’s a tasty vegetable that helps with all forms of inflammations and it’s also known to maintain a healthy heart.

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5. Celery
Fresh celery helps balance the body’s pH levels and neutralize acidity. Slightly alkaline pH will not only improve health, but also help with fertility. Celery juice will replace electrolytes, so this is actually a healthy option to Gatorade and other such drinks. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and it sometimes even works better than medicine. It is known for reducing cravings for both sweet and highly consistent foods. It will help with stress as it calms the entire nervous system. On the other hand, it also has great benefits for the urinary tract and kidneys.

6. Watermelon
Watermelon helps the body get alkalinized, while having diuretic effects. Consuming watermelon will make you use the loo a lot more often, but eliminating high amounts of urine means ridding your body of more toxins. Watermelon contains a high amount of citrulline, which removes ammonia from your body. It also contains arginine that regulates blood flow. Watermelon also helps reduce inflammation and prevents wrinkles because of its high levels of lycopene.

7. Apples
Great snacks that contain phytochemicals like flavonoids, D-Glucarate and terpenoids. These are vital for when you detox your body. Phlorizin is one flavonoid that helps with bile stimulation, thus helping the liver eliminate toxins. Apples also support the body to get rid of additive and metals that we ingest from regular food consumption.

8. Green smoothie
Green smoothies contain a variety of healthy, green, fresh vegetables. They are extremely helpful with digestion, bloating, allergies, constipation, indigestion, weight issues and obesity. Moreover, they can reestablish a person’s energy levels, improve brain function, alleviate headaches, chronic pain, insomnia and infections.

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9. Green tea
High in antioxidants, this tea is great with any diet and detox as it identifies and kills free radicals in your body. Green tea can be considered a snack in some ways because you can drink it instead of soda or pre-packaged juices. It also has diuretic effects and it can help lower blood sugar levels.

10. Lemon water
Lemon water helps with acidity from foods and is great to drink first thing in the morning. It will improve digestion and detoxify the liver. Apart from flushing toxins out of your body, lemon water will help stabilize your body’s pH levels.

11. Almonds
Almonds are tasty snacks, high in fiber and rich in protein that help remove bowel impurities and balance sugar levels in your blood. They’re filled with vitamins like calcium, magnesium and vitamin E. Not to mention they’re easy to consume anywhere, so you have no excuse for not eating a healthy snack at work.

12. Blueberries
Blueberries are nature’s medicine in the form of small fruit. They are considered to be natural aspirin and have antiviral properties. These round tasty berries reduce inflammation and lessen pain. They’re natural antibiotics and help prevent infections in the urinary tract by blocking out bacteria.

13. Kale
This is the latest trend in detox diets and for good reason. It has so many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that it simply boosts your metabolism, protects from any and all diseases and cleanses your body with every bite you take. Eating kale will help you flush out your kidneys, thus restoring the health of a vital organ that helps your body get rid of toxins on a daily basis.

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