10 Top Affordable Protein Sources

10 Top Affordable Protein Sources

10 Top Affordable Protein Sources

  1. Canned Tuna [40g protein per can]
  2. Eggs [6g protein per egg]
  3. Pork Mince [20g protein per 100g]
  4. Chicken Breasts [31g protein per 100g]
  5. Frozen Wild salmon [25g of protein per 100g]
  6. Peanut butter [23g protein per 100g | 5.3 protein per serving]
  7. Greek Yoghurt 2% [10g protein per 100g]
  8. Milk 3% fat [8g protein per cup]
  9. Canned giant beans [6g protein per 100g, 15g per can]
  10. Whey Protein [1 scoop of whey is 25g in which around 20g, depending on the brand, is protein] At two scoops a day a 10lbs container will last you around ten weeks.

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