Traction of dumbbells in the slope


This exercise gives you the opportunity to work on each part of the back separately. The problem is that here you should  lift very heavy weights in compliance with the explicit form of performance, I prefer dumbbells because they provide an opportunity to work in the bigger amplitude than with the bar, as well as to seek a greater peak of the muscles contraction, let alone the possibility to isolate each part of your back. With one hand I take the dumbbell, the other hand is set against a horizontal bench. The hand with the dumbbell hanging down freely while the palm is “looking” toward the body. From the starting position I pull the dumbbell until it touches the body, reducing the lats and feeling that with the weight I am plumping my back. I begin with a warming-up set of 15 reps, and from set to set, so we have four sets, I am increasing the weight until I barely have enough strength to squeeze out three reps. In this exercise, I get to the usual “failure” because the forced repetitions are unsafe here.

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