These 4 Exercises Burn Way More Calories Than Running

These 4 Exercises Burn Way More Calories Than Running

Although many consider it as the mother of all cardio exercises, some people find jogging tiresome. Luckily, there are other exercises that have the same, if not better, effect as jogging. If you’re find yourself in the group of people which would rather replace running with some other effective cardio activity, you’re at the right spot. We offer you a selection of four exercises that will help you torch calories fast, without having to leave your home.

1) Kettlebell Swings:

This explosive exercise targets the big muscle group that includes the glutes and quads, causing your heart to pump faster. Since you’re doing motions that you’re not used to do, this cardio exercise exhausts your body super fast. One of the best exercises that simultaneously work as cardio activity and muscle building workout.

2) Indoor Rowing:

Indoor rowing is a great total-body exercise. It utilizes the muscles in your arms, legs and back. In addition it is one of the best cardio exercises, as it burns tons of calories. In fact, 30 minutes of dynamic rowing can burn up to 377 calories, or 12.5 calories per minute.

3) Burpees:

According to Jeff Godin, certified Spartan Race Coach and exercise scientist, an individual weighing 180 pounds can burn up to 1.43 calories with each burpee. In other words, doing only 7 per minute can burn double-digit calories.

However, you should aim for the average of 10 per 60 seconds, which takes your calorie consumption to 14.3 calories per minute. According to the American College of Sports Medicine study, performing just 10 reps at fast pace has the same effect on your metabolism as a 30 second explosive bike sprint, making the burpees one of the best cardio exercises.

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4) Rope Jumping:

Just one minute of rope jumping at moderate pace can burn up to 13 calories. What makes this exercise better than jogging is that it utilizes more muscle groups, challenging your balance and coordination at the same time, especially when you get into the more complex drills.

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