The Most Effective FAT-LOSS METHODS

The Most Effective FAT-LOSS METHODS

The following methods can be used together or separately, depending on the goals one has, or the fat-loss stage they are at.

EXERCISE MODERATELY WITH AEROBICS & WEIGHTS, GRADUALLY INCREASING THE INTENSITY AS FAT IS LOST; Moderate aerobics are likely to burn a greater amount of body fat if the intensity is kept at around 70 percent of maximum heart rate, and taken beyond the 30-minute mark. Walking is a perfect, low impact aerobic activity for anyone who is obese. For weight training, all body parts should be targeted with basic exercises that work larger muscles.

MIX UP AEROBIC SESSIONS; These various activities will also have differing fat-burning effects. Combined, they may stimulate the metabolism to greater heights, therefore enhancing fat loss on a larger scale.

EXERCISE AEROBICALLY FIRST THING IN THE MORNING; One school of thought has it that training aerobically directly after weight training, or first thing in the morning, will stimulate greater gains in fat loss. The idea is that glycogen stores will be depleted at this time and therefore fat will be used directly for fuel. In many cases, this strategy has worked. It is worth trying though.

HIIT TRAINING; is an advanced form of aerobics designed to strip body fat at a faster rate. Although not for everyone, as it can be very demanding, HIIT is one of the more effective fat-loss methods for the intermediate to advanced trainer. HIIT requires training at high intensity (near maximal) for a series of intervals, before backing off to a lower work rate.
DRINK AT LEAST ONE GALLON OF WATER PER DAY; Water intake is important for fat metabolism because it helps the liver perform the function of fat conversion for energy purposes. Drinking enough water is an important step toward fat reduction.
WEIGHT TRAINING; Weight training is a perfect activity for fat loss. Although it doesn’t directly burn a greater number of fat stores than aerobics, weights will build muscle, which in turn will increase the metabolic rate 24 hours a day. The more muscle you’re holding, the better your chances of losing body fat.


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