The hard truth about muscle gain and fat loss that most people don’t want to hear

The hard truth about muscle gain and fat loss that most people don’t want to hear

If you google “fat loss” you’ll get more than 7 million search results. The sad truth is that the majority of them are actually trying to sell you some cheap product or a fad diet, basically sell you the idea that fat loss is very easy only if you use their “magic pill”. Then, they proceed to tell you how great you’ll look, that your abs will become visible within 4 weeks “by doing this one easy exercise” or that you’ll add huge amounts of muscle mass on your frame in less than a month.

People usually don’t want to hear the hard truth about anything, but it is absolutely essential that you sacrifice your discomfort of hearing it for the numerous benefits that you’ll experience from it in the long-term. This truth will prevent you from wasting so many years of your life, or in this case so much money too on products or diets that don’t work and never will and which might eventually harm your metabolism in the process.

1. You will inevitably fail

Yes, you read that right. You will fail. Everyone fails at some point. You will want to rush this process, you will get discouraged and most probably google to find an easier solution. This way, you’ll waste precious time and money and you’ll end up at the beginning. When you fail, you should learn from the experience and prevent it from happening again. It is an essential part of this whole process. It’s very likely that your diet didn’t fail you. Your training program didn’t fail you either. It is you who failed you. Own your failure!

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2. How your body looks is your own fault

If you’re out of shape and have lots of fat on you, it’s no one’s fault but yours. If you’re skinny and weak, again, it’s your fault. This may sound mean, but it’s meant to encourage you to improve. It’s the truth. It’s not that you have a slow metabolism. It’s not that your genetics are sub-par and your parents are to blame. It’s simply your lifestyle and bad habits that get in the way of you sculpting an aesthetic body.

3. It will be hard

If building an impressive physique was an easy task everyone would have had it. The simple truth is that you are going to have to consume less food and you will inevitably get hungry. This is why you need to learn how to eat better. You will have to learn how to train properly. And last but not least, you will need to have a solid training or diet plan. It goes without saying that you will be forced to make sacrifices. You think you can’t learn how to eat better because you love food so much? Fine, then. Stay fat. You can’t force yourself to go to the gym and want to hang out drinking with the guys? Fine. Stay skinny and weak. But, don’t complain that you can’t lose the fat or build muscle.

4. This will take longer than you think

When you think about it, do you think you gained all that fat in one week, a month or even a year? That’s very unlikely. So, why do you think you can get rid of it in a matter of several months? If you’re forced to lose 10 lbs for some special occasion you could probably do that. Sure, you’ll look thinner, but you’ll still be fat. What’s more, it’s very likely you’ll gain it all back and maybe gain even more. Have you been thin all your life and now you’re expecting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger within a year? Well, good luck with that.

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Nobody likes to hear the truth. But it’s there, staring you in the face. This means you have three choices:

1. You can get angry when reading this article, not listen to any of the advice and keep wasting your time.
2. Decide that you will just stay weak and skinny and fat at the same time because this process is too hard for a special snowflake such as yourself.
3. Be an adult, take responsibility for all your actions, accept the truth and what needs to be done and then commit to the process.

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