The Amazing Health Benefits Of Pickle Juice!

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Pickle Juice!

Why you should drink pickle juice every day

Get this – pickle juice is the new “magic” remedy for pretty much everything.And we should all be drinking two ounces every day.


Here’s why:

Pickle juice is full of the exact electrolytes that our bodies need, and the probiotics exactly match what our guts need. We’re talking about dill pickle juice here – not the sweet kind (which is a total bummer if you ask me). Even Dr. Oz is recommending pickle juice for a variety of issues – but here are just a few pickle juice cures.

Have cramps?
Whether you’re suffering from PMS or you’ve just run a marathon (or chased your kid around the playground), cramps are no joke – and no fun. Drinking 1/4 cup of pickle juice will have them cured in about 90 seconds or less. Seriously.

How’s that Hangover?
Turns out Even Steven’s nightly pickle was helping with a possible hangover the next morning. Alcohol leaves you feeling dehydrated, and pickle juice helps to get your sodium levels back to where they need to be. It’s probably best to drink it before you head out for the night, but it doesn’t hurt to take a sip before you got to bed.

Have Heartburn?
I know – it sounds crazy! But the vinegar in pickle juice can actually help with heartburn. Take a sip before every meal and see if you notice a difference.

How’s your tennis game?
Experts are saying that a slug of pickle juice before exercising or before a big tennis match can actually improve your performance. Just last week, I was losing on the tennis court. I took a break, chugged some pickle juice, and came back and won it all.

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Okay – not really. But I might just start packing some pickle juice for my next match – just in case.
Drink Your Pickle Juice!

Whether you drink it as needed – or start sipping a couple ounces every day – give pickle juice a try and see if you notice a difference. Mix it up in your next martini or smoothie – or just take a swig straight from the pickle jar.

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