Professional Bodybuilders: Cheating Methods

Professional Bodybuilders: Cheating Methods

Among the variety of training techniques and principles that bodybuilders use to gain muscle mass, methods of cheating has a special place. The main advantage is that there isn`t unique set for this technique. But, all bodybuilders are divided into two groups, first those who are praying for cheating, and the latter who do not see any of structuring in it.
To understand what cheating methods is presenting, we consider it to banal example. The classic exercise – barbell curls while standing. At the initial stage of movement, the bar is in the lowered hands, palms on the neck looking forward. From the initial position bar is raising up to shoulder height in an arc.

If there is not the force of gravity, it is possible that the cheating method has not been required here. The thing is that in the initial stage of movement from the bottom position to the point where the neck is in rough bars at 90 degrees relative to the body, it is quite easily to overcome this. And in that position, the bar is at the level of the chin, basically, too. But when an athlete comes to a dead point, making a great effort to overcome this burden, and at 8-10 reps, we think that we have fully loaded our muscles because of our exhaustion, but cheating would still allow us to pump and pump our muscles . This is especially true of the lower and upper phase of the movement.

How could still get to work the muscles in this phase? Regarding the lower section, here to help us will come a partial repetition. But in the top phase is more complicated. But there is a solution: Give the bar speed by connecting to work back and legs, due to these movements you will be able to overcome the sticking point in several reps, thereby enriching your muscles harder. This is all cheating, it is a deception of the muscles.
We all know that the more we raise the weight, the greater are our muscles. So, herecheating will come help you, which would allow to increase dramatically the weights, thus strengthening the training stress.
Only cheating, we step over the horizon, only cheating, we are able to cheat nature. Too often you can find advice for novice bodybuilders in the magazines, which is repeated like a prayer, that you should do the exercise technically accurate, without removing the load from the working muscles at the expense of connecting to others.

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All agree that cheating is cool, but all must know when to stop. At almost every gym you will find a mountain-athletes who are in pursuit of big triceps are made of bodybuilding, and in particular from the reception is a parody.Remember that cheating is used to increase the load on the muscles, but not vice versa. Try to do the exercises in full, using all parts of the body, and especially engaging the inactive parts of the body. As is known, lowering the weight, our muscles are able to develop a much greater effort than lifting weights, which means that the negative repetition we are able to do with weight, which can not pick up in a clean manner. And here just to help us a cheating method.

Try it, learn to pump muscles. Good luck!

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