Neck Advice Improper Training Technique

Neck Advice Improper Training Technique

Neck Advice Improper training technique is one of several reasons why weight trainers can experience neck problems. Have you ever caught yourself trying to stretch, crack or loosen your neck? Tightness and pressure in that area usually indicates that there is a misalignment of the bones in the neck with possible ligament and tendon laxity and instability. These misalignments create nerve pressure that causes pain (which can radiate into the arms, Avoiding Neck Problems shoulders and hands) and possibly eye, ear, nose and throat problems. Consider the fact that every rep you do involves your neck and that repetitive pressure on it increases the chance of damage. When training, keep these tips in mind: Squats: Look upward at a 45-degree angle. All exercises on a bench (flat, incline, decline or upright): Don’t let your head come off the bench; keep it straight. All standing and sitting exercises: Look straight ahead, not at the body part you are training.

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