Major Bodybuilding Mistake

Major Bodybuilding Mistake

The main mistake of all bodybuilders, is that they think they haven`t at full, short of fulfilling some kind of exercise, not at full squeezed their power.Reading books and articles, you begin to try all kinds of exercises on yourself, the bench press, crossovers on the blocks, exercise on an incline bench. But at the end you will not only gain weight, but lose the previous volumes. Why? Just not all the same exercises fit to everybody. Every bodybuilder needs to understand that he has his own training program, which you should not withdraw. Perform only those exercises that can move your body. Every bodybuilder should remember: the growth of mass depends strongly on power loads. The most important time to react to changes in the body, you won`t learn it, you won`t get the success.

The whole system of the body must be in balance, it’s the principle of biological self-regulation. Every bodybuilder knows that heavy exercise increases the levels of both hormones. But it is necessary that these levels should be proportional to the state, if the proportion is disrupted, trhe balace will be also dicrupted, and it will be a blow to your body. Remember, changing the training cycle, reducing the intensity of stress, you can avoid overtraining.

In other words, training at the gym should be divided into periods, beginning with low-volume training, then high intensity. Such a frequency of training gives a good result and a significant gain in time, the more you do not have to take a break in training due to overtraining.The secret to bulking in strength and power. Perform exercises blasting. How? Explosive performance is when the eccentric decline is strictly controlled, and the subsequent concentric contraction is sharp and strong.
Another important point is the nervous system. Bodybuilders often do not notice that the nervous system is losing ground. Watch it, because stress takes the nerves, and they in turn will take over the muscles. Subjecting the body constant excessive stress, you will eventually drain the nervous system, and so it wiil be a hit to the training indicators.

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To sum up. Symptoms of overtraining include reduced efficiency, rapid pulse, insomnia, mood changes. Be attentive to it.

Any novice bodybuilder who decided to come to grips with bodibildenging in a matter of days, transforming the three main exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift. However, these exercises are often neglected, but have their drawbacks, but in particular they are due to improper performance of these exercises. Do not believe those who say that squats and deadlift muscles deteriorate the muscles, remember one thing, to degrade the muscle, for a start they should get them.
Not to every bodybuilder is given the ability to hear his body. Perhaps because of this, many beginners are able to develop In bodybuilding, and remain in the earliest stages of the training cycle.

How to find common language with your body?
Here are few examples. Some bodybuilders say that they do not feel the muscles. This is the signal. So you undercharge or isolate the muscles, rather than paying attention to them, you can not rely on muscle development. Pain! It is not a proper pain that causes the concentration of lactic acid after workouts.We’re talking about a sharp pain. The pain usually occurs in the joint or the tendon, but not in the muscles. Here’s another example, when during the squats with a maximal weight, your body starts suddenly to bend at the hips, and feet dragging weight. This suggests that your abdominal muscles and muscles that hold the spine, are not ready for such loads. And it should be noted.

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Remember, understanding your body – it’s a hard way of trial and error.
I would like to clarify a more important point – the neglect of food proteins. Now even a child knows that without the protein, it`s impossible to get a set of muscle mass. Medicine adheres to this view, the more protein the better. But let’s see, really all depends on the protein?
Many bodybuilders include in their daily diet 30 eggs, not mentioning the fact that their diet contains mostly protein foods. But everyone should know when to stop. If you are a beginner bodybuilder, refer to the experts, they will form a special “protein” diet, which will be fully fit for your body.
Many heterosexuals mistakenly assume that, without using steroids to increase mass and strength is simply impossible. But they are wrong. Heterosexuals are gaining weight due to their knowledge. Mainly watch your work and listen to your body.

Believe in yourself, and you will be the owner of mighty and strong body.

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