How to prevent this post-workout pain?

How to prevent this post-workout pain?

Post-workout pain is the main point in the set of muscle mass. Practice pain can occur for two reasons: the accumulation of lactic acid and microbreaks of muscle fibers as a result of an intense workout. But we all know that the pain does not lead to muscle growth.

How to avoid formation of lactic acid?
Progress in active muscle work forms lactate (lactic acid anion). With the accumulation of mammary gland is blocking muscles reduction, ph blood drops. If you are hardgainer and your wokouts are in the power key, then your working weights are in the range of 70-90% of the highest peak, with the weight you can perform from 3 to 8 sets. Often, bodybuilders trying to accomplish the afailyre reps. And the next day complaining of pain, and being happy, saying hurts – means growing. But the pain is a sign that there is body something wrong with a body, pain is a signal of the body that is trying to tell you that it’s time to take a break in training and give the body a chance to restore strength and eliminate pain. How can we talk about pain with delight while continuing to train, because it would seem that at the moment the body is struggling with injury, and there can be no question about any training and gaining the masses. So how should you avoid the pain of lactic acid?

The indisputable point is that formation of lactic acid should be avoided, then you should not perform repetitions. Performing of strength training should be so exhausted, ATP is not replenished at the expense of long-term receipt of ATP from glucose. The body has two ways to obtain ATP:
1. glycolysis – splitting of glucose to ATP and laktak (lactic acid) glucose + 2ADF + 2Pi -> 2L-lactate + 2 + 2ATF HOH – formula of glycolysis
2. resynthesis of ATP from ADP and phosphocreatine…

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If you have spent reserves of ATP, but have stopped in time and stopped the training, the glycolysis will be minimal, in turn this means that the formation of lactic acid will also be minimal. Give yourself a rest for 15 minutes and then again work! During this time will recover stock of creatine. If the blood glucose level is lowered, glycogen breakdown will begin in liver and muscles leading to the formation of lactate, which will increase the amount of lactic acid in your muscles.

Lactate, as such, will not disappear, because the lactate molecule does not need insulin to penetrate the cell membrane. It is known that lactic acid can go into the red fibers, red fibers contain much myoglobin. That can lead to aerobic glycolysis.
Summarizing, we can say that reducing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, you can simply spin the pedals after training.

How to avoid micro traumas in the muscle fibers
Many therapists believe that massage can help bring the lactic acid out of the body. But this is misleading, since the causes of two days pain are quite different. The pain of lactic acid is completed within 24 hours. But if your pain persists for several days, it can only mean one thing, you are overtrained at the workout. The reason for this pain – the products of the active catabolism of your muscles. The thing is that muscles are torn, and receive micro microtrauma, mostly it happens when lowering the weight down. Preventing such injuries is quite easy, just use the power frame, which will not allow such a heavy load on your muscles, this will insure you against possible injuries and damages.

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