How to Get Shredded: The Ultimate Guide!

How to Get Shredded: The Ultimate Guide!

How To Get Shredded ?
After bulk up or Off season, some guys aim for losing fat and keeping clean muscles. To be good looking at the beach, or to be attractive to the opposite sex, or just having some sexy abs, every one has his goal, but the question is,how to get shredded?

Nutrition Guide To Get Shredded
Great nutrition is important in anybodybuilding program.You need to be sure that you are getting the appropriate nutrients you need to be sure that your muscles are being given what they require to grow to new proportions. That means loading your diet with lots of protein and carbohydrates. Fats are important as well – but be sure they are unsaturated fats, which are actually good for your body in moderation, of course.

Fats and carbs
Normally, you have to burn that extra fat to get shredded. This is hard to do, I know, but you have to be a bit harsh in your diet. You have to consume less calories to stop storing new fats so your body can burn or reduce that existing fat that has been already stocked. That’s why we suggest that you calculate your daily caloric requirement and try to eat high protein meals, for that, you can use Katch Mcardle Formula.

High protein meals
In order to get shredded, increasing protein in your meals represents the most important thing in your cutting diet. In fact, this will help your body to move/stay in an anabolic state helping your muscles to get bigger and also lose fat. In another way, decreasing carbs and fats from you diet will help your body to receive high protein amounts , which will lead to have clean muscles.

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Best Sources of protein:
– Turkey
– Red meat
– Fish
– egg whites
– chicken…
Make sure to eat 1.2gram of protein Per pound of body weight.

Healthy fats
This is could be new for you, losing fat while eating fats is actually possible, how? The secret is healthy fats. This type of food can be found in Omega3-6-9, almonds, coconut oil, walnuts, etc… They represent the best natural way to boost your metabolism by burning the bad fats from your body and boost your testosterone which means more clean and high quality muscles, high libido thus helping to get shredded.

Drink More Water
All those programs will give you great results , but remember that drinking more water can support your metabolism, digest all what you ate whether it’s supplements or food. Moreover, for people who want to get shredded and get between 4% and 15% Body fat, drinking a lot of water can avoid renal failure.

This is a simple cutting diet exemple:
To get shredded diet: The amount of calories between 2250 Kcal and 2300 kcal:

Protein: 167g (29%)
Carbohydrates: 217g (38%)
Fat: 84g (33%)

Cacao van houten:5g
Ham or Meat (100g) , or cheese0%(250gr) or protein powder (20g)
1 Orange
Fish oil : 10ml (if omega 3 capsules)

Morning snack
Oilseeds (almonds,walnuts…): 20g
Protein powder: 20g

Vegetables : a small plate
Olive Oil : 10g
Meat or fich:100g
Vegetables : a plate
1 apple

Afternoon snack (1houre before training)
Oats or oat powder or barley :40g
Protein Powder: 20g

During workout
40g of carbohydrates with high glycemic index + BCAA

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Post-workout ( at the end of it):
30g of whey protein + BCAA
30min to 1h after the session muscle: (Dinner)
Brown Rice: 40g
3 eggs
Vegetables: a plate
Olive oil : 10g
Dark Chocolate 10g

Before bed
Cottage cheese : 150g

To Get Shedded Workout Guide:

Lift heavy
Some people think that lifting soft is the best way to get shredded, this is wrong! If you want to get bigger clean muscles you must lift heavy weights, Why? When you lift heavy you keep your muscle growth, pump more blood in your muscles and cause high tension in them. The little secret is, actually, decreasing time between sets, for example, if you rest 120 seconds in your off season workout between sets try 60 seconds as resting time in your cutting program. And remember, always lift heavy!

One of the most important keys is YOUR CARDIO! Some people trust supplements to burn fat and therefore get shredded, and they neglect cardio. I tell you that those things are just SUPPLEMENTS, stop being lazy and run. Anybody starts burning fats and calories after more than 30 min of cardio exercises, so we recommend to do other than 1 hour of cardio in order to get fast result. In fact, cardio can develop your muscles too, How? Cardio training means stimulating high blood tension in your body, so that a lot of it can be pumped into your muscles, that’s why many veins appear in your body when you do cardio exercises which will help you to get a high muscle definition, and to Get shredded.

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