Hardcore Arms Workout

Hardcore Arms Workout

Biceps Workout

4 sets (12-15 reps…stay above 10, no more than 15)
45-60 sec break
Drop set on last set 20 reps
Standing ez bar BB Curl 12 reps (outside shoulder width)
Cable Alternating Curls (bring to mid chest) then doubles
Machine Preacher Curl
Low cable bicep curls
Hi Cable Curl (shaper higher reps 18)
Machine hi low curl (shaper 15-20)
Arnold concentration curls (bent over no bench 10 reps/arm) no break 3 sets
30s (10, 10, 10) ez bar narrow grip (set 1) shoulder grip (set 2) narrow (set 3)(against wall)

Triceps Workout

7 exercises
3 sets supersets (1.5 min rest between each superset) (2 min between each exercise)
Push Up Warm up
Triple Super Set 1:
DB French Press (stand skull crusher-10) x DB Front Press (10), DB Decline Close Grip Push Up on top of DB(10)
Super Set 2:
Bodyweight Plank (down to forearms, elbows in tight) x BW tricep pushup (forehand hand length (explode with hands off bar on bench press)
Super Set 3:
Close Grip Bench Press (Smith feet up) x Alternating Fixed Bar Press (over/under press fire up and catch with reverse grip on low level smith)
Super Set 4:
North x South Cable Rope Extensions (pull down then over head to sky – turn wrist out)
Super Set 5:
Reverse Grip (straight bar) Overhead Extension x Alternating (pronate/supinate) Handle Individual Extensions
Super Set 6:
X Factor (high rep) cable (waist level) bent over kickback one arm/ overhead extension(football stance) after set arms cross out to side on knees
Super Set 7:
Decline Skull Crusher (straight bar) x Decline Close Grip Press 10 reps

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