Explode Your T Levels

Explode Your T Levels

A combo of heavy squats and jump squats make for higher T levels.

Doing explosive movements like the jump squat will help make your legs more powerful and explosive which will translate into greater leg strength. This in turn means that you’ll be able to squat a lot more and build monstrous legs because of the bigger load. As an added bonus your testosterone levels will also peak.

It is usually suggested that explosive movement are done first in every workout. This is because in order to maximize the development of power you need to do these explosive movements at a time when your fast-twitch fibers aren’t fatigued. But, if you want to increase testosterone levels, which will help you tremendously in building new muscle, you may want to perform the just squats after doing the heavy squats.

Scientists from New Zealand did a study where several male athletes performed four different training routines which consisted of heavy and jump squats by using their 3RM. In one training session they performed 3 sets of 3 reps of jump squats then proceeded to performing 3 sets of 3 reps of heavy squats. In another session they first did the heavy squat sets and then did the jump squats. In the other two training sessions they did 6 total sets of heavy squats without doing jump squats or vice versa, 6 sets of jump squats without doing heavy squats.

What scientists discovered is that when the athletes performed the heavy squats first and the jump squats second, their T levels were at their highest. So, if you want to build more strength and power in your leg muscles, plus leg size, next time you train legs, proceed with doing 3 sets of 3 jump squats after finishing doing squats.

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