Diet in “Stone Age”


Diet in “Stone Age”
Your appearance depends on 95% depending of what you eat, as the food that gets our body, and its level of absorption (assimilation) determines our capacity for physical health, sport shape, state of the endocrine system etc., on which depends our well-being and state of the organism as a whole.
Nutrition is  100% of success in the sport, and if the diet does not play the firt fidle, so to achieve the greater heights in sports and to look effectively like a healthy, athletic person you will not succeed, all that you can gain, it’s obesity and not proportional  body that will not have a stunning and proportional view. After all, look, the statues of ancient antiquity, look like as if they have been sculptured from the image of today’s bodybuilders, but there was not such  sport in those far times, as well as all the possible pharmacological stimulants. People just ate healthy food, as there were not such products as macaroni, puff, sugar, mayonnaise, chocolate in those times, these are the remnants of the XI century, to which our body is not adapted and that was the whole secret of their appearance!

8 – Rules on nutrition that are the model for a healthy lifestyle:
♦ 1st rule complete exception of such products as:
– simple carbohydrates, which include (products of pastry, bread, macaroni, sugar, chocolate, etc.);
– fatty dairy food (mayonnaise, cream, sour cream, butter, etc.);
– various preservatives, drinks such as “cola” and all possible products related to the type of «fast food»;
♦ 2nd rule in no case not to load up the to the full sense of satiety, you should stand up from the table before you feel a sense of complete saturation. Such a strategy of food intake, provides  better absorption of food and your organs will not be overloaded because of the excess of food in your stomach;
♦3th rule of the daily diet should consist of 5-6 small meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, lunch, dinner), with an interval of 2.5-3.5 hours. And it does not mean that you should load up the blade, you should eat tightly only for breakfast with the first meal, the rest of the meals should be small. And another thing – to the concept of “eating” we can add even the smallest snack, including the eaten apple, but not as some people think that to eat means to eat to satiety. . Such a diet will allow you to keep the blood glucose levels at the secondary level, without abrupt changes of insulin, without abrupt changes of insulin which in its turn will increase the synthesis of level of growth hormone”GH”and will stabilize the gradual flow of the nutrients to the muscles. By the way, the last meal (dinner) must be at least 2.5 hours before the bedtime, in addition, it should contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates, as if they (carbohydrates) are in surplus, it will significantly reduce the synthesis of “GH” during the sleep that exacerbates the process of the fat lose. But to include into the last meal much protein is simply needed for your muscles, so that the body had a night of building material for muscles and by such thing you can prevent “night catabolism”;
♦ 4th rule, avoid the eating of animal fats, such as (fatty pork, goose, egg yolks, etc.). They are quite harmful to the body, primarily because of the high cholesterol content, that eventually leads to a gradual clogging of blood vessels and thus it is reflected in the deterioration of the circulatory system, both in the internal organs and in the muscles, so cooking the meat when there is visible fat, it must be removed and egg yolks must be thrown down the drain. Preference should be given to the vegetable fats, which contain in peanuts, walnuts, soy products, etc., very useful is Omega-3 (fish oil, flaxseed oil), these fats are not only harmful for our health, but rather a very favorable affect the general metabolism in the body, to all  this, vegetable fats practically does not deposite in the human body as the subcutaneous fat stores;
♦ 5th rule, do not drink water during or after the meal, because it is bad for the digestion process of food, due to flushing of gastric juices that break down the food. Drink water between meals and during the workouts;
♦ 6th rule, in  the diet should be enough quantity of protein, and it is important that it should be full of “good quality”, to such sources is concered especially animal protein – chicken meat, beef meat, sea food, lamb, egg whites, nonfat cottage cheese, etc;
♦ 7th rule, you should completely except from your life tobacco-smoking, and alcohol such as vodka, beer, brandy, etc., in exception, it is allowed the moderate usage of dry red wine (which is even preferably in an amount of 1-1.5 oz. per 1 kg of personal weight).
♦ 8th rule, after training you should take a protein-carbohydrate drink and 1 pill of pancreatin to speed up the digestion of food, because you should as quickly as possible to interrupt the catabolic processes in the body by filling the energy expended by muscles during the workout, if you have not done it, your workout will be gone down the drain, and after 1.5 hours after you should have a full meal rich in protein and vitamins. These meals are the most important in the diet of an athlete, because they are directly responsible for the muscle growth. Another most important meal is the first meal (breakfast), a day after a workout, it should be dense and full, in this case you can be sure that your muscles are kept correctly, when were worked on the yesterday’s evening workout.

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To summarize, we can say with certainty – if your diet is well balanced, and you will be able to pull yourself together, and will take the path of healthy eating, putting on one scale  your good health and attractive appearance, and on the other flabby body and weak health!
And remember, health is above all, it is in fashion to be healthy now! Have a right food, then your muscles will be strong and beautiful, and finally your body will function as effectively as possible …!

by Roman Stefantchyshen (European Champion, Repeated Champion in  International Competition, Repeated Champion and record holder bench barbell lying in Ukraine, WPC (AWPC) – UPO)

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