Chest Exercise Incline Dumbble Fly

Chest Exercise Incline Dumbble Fly

Layout of dumbbells lying on an incline bench

Technique of excercise performance. Sitting on the bench with an angle of inclination from 45 ° to 60°.
Keep dumbbells on the slightly bent hands to reduce stress at the elbows:
– Take a breath and dissolve hand in hand, so that your elbows were on the same horizontal level with the shoulders;
– Raise your hands straight up doing breath;
– Hand in an upright position to make a brief isometric muscle tension in order to concentrate effort on part of the clavicular pectoralis major muscle.
The layout of dumbbells lying on an incline bench localizes effort primarily to the upper part of the pectoralis major muscle. Along with wire bars or dumbbells(«pull-over»), this exercise is basic for chest increase
Important: To avoid tearing the muscles in the chest be very careful with a heavy weights.

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