Can We Guess Your Personality Based On Your Choice Of Abs?

Can We Guess Your Personality Based On Your Choice Of Abs?

1) You got: You’re a dreamer.
You spend large parts of your day thinking about what could be. At night, you’re prone to lying in bed and imagining different versions of your day. When you do fall asleep, you often have vivid dreams that linger in your mind well after you wake up.

2) You got: You’re a tastemaker.
Whether you intend it or not, your opinions and preferences often influence the tastes of those around you. What you find funny or offensive is soon the norm for your social group, and the same usually goes for taste in food or clothes. You aren’t necessarily a leader, but the confidence with which you choose what you like resonates amongst your peers.

3) You got: You’re a strategist.
You like to plan out your life, and often in terms of large, overarching goals instead of small, minute details. You have specific places you want to be someday, and these ambitions linger at the back of your mind as you go about your day. You frequently weigh whether an invitation or request will benefit you in the future.

4) You got: You’re a risk-taker.
You may not outwardly seem like a daredevil, but some of the best memories or decisions in your life can be traced back to important risks you took. You may be the first in your family to mark out a particular path or accomplish a great feat. You knew at an early age that you wanted to leave home as an adult and pave a way for yourself, whatever your passion may be. You’re the member of the friend group who tells people to “go for it.”

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5) You got: You’re an observer.
You’re comfortable taking a seat in the background and watching people interact. You find drama and conflict interesting, even fascinating, so long as you are in no way at the center of it. Some of your favorite movies are psychological thrillers, and you love comparing people in your life to characters from television or books.

6) You got: You’re a listener.
People sometimes think you’re not paying attention, or that you’re very shy, but in reality you often enjoy listening and gathering information more than you like to talk. You find it enjoyable to hear multiple views on the same story and then to try to piece together for yourself the truth. Your friends treat you as a sounding board for ideas or fears they are too embarrassed to raise to your other peers, and you have a reputation as a confidant.

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